2000-08-23 Hannover, Capitol G

hannover, germany, capitol
attendance: ca 1200-1500, club holds 1800
soundcheck: reportedly a couple of "new songs" among them "the witch"

1) superstooge
2) heartbreaker
3) high time
4) never let you out
5) the other fool
6) song fo a bro'
7) pppp
8) big surprise
9) fade to grey
10) go to ca
11) the other other fool
12) plan #1
13) wwj
14) the witch
15) black to comm/rocket usa
16) taifun

after an incredible long car ride (7 hours!!) due to traffic jam from
berlin we arrived in hannover.
as usual the g35 meeting did not really take place. however i had the
pleasure to meet some g35ers in front of the club: ryan, gert & the girl who
seems to be everywhere in this world where mp are: elisa.
the capitol happens to be a very clean, ruled out, "ordnung muss sein"
club with a not-so-sympathic security and outrageous prices for drinks. we got
places in the first row on the balcony. very comfortable ones. the
conditions for taping were excellent: i let my mic hanging over the balcony. in fact
there were three tapers in attendance one of them taping on DAT. 
normal stage setup bar the back of the stage which did not have the usual
linen, glowing thing...
the band walks on stage and launches into a very heavy but not extended
"superstooge" followed by a kick ass "heartbreaker/high time" combination a la
drammen 1999. the sound seems to be a bit blurry and drowned esp. during
the harder/louder songs. i have heard far better sounds at a mp concert but
worse sounds too. the first couple of songs are being taped by 2 tv cameras.
due to a space between the stage and the audience there is not much
interaction between the band and the ppl. very few words by bent. they clearly
focus on the music. the "cake" songs are still announced as "new".
"song for a bro'" features a completely new part by baard in the middle.
very quiet and very wonderful.
"fade to grey" which is a HUGE SURPRISE is introduced with "some of you
might have heard this before". this was the first highlight. slightly
rearranged. "go to ca" is very routined. elisa is happily jumping up and down
centerstage. the crowd moves a bit but seems not to be too much into it.
"the other other fool" is way cool and makes my day. "the witch" is a
killer" with bent doing some sexy moves..."black to comm" is another killer this
time. usually i am bit bored by it but today it is strong and features the
"rocket usa" part like stockholm! the audience finally loosens up and freaks
out during the slow and quiet a-capella "c'mon" part. just awesome. the
band is back for a few more minutes of heaven: "taifun" with baard playing the
melodica during the verses. just beautiful.

after very short 110 min the show is over. and it has been one of the
weaker ones i've seen. the choice of songs was awesome: 5 unreleased songs,
among them some very rare ones. but it seems as if the band could not decide
whether to play a rock show or a pop show. i think they want to tend to these
rock monsters but are trapped with their "new" album to promote it. that was
my feeling. [hint: we need the new ep!!!!!! ;-)))]
also the audience was a bit reserved which made this show not so energetic
as other ones.
anyway, it's been nice to see the guys again, to see some felleow g35ers
very shortly...

good night
np: guess...
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