1999-06-26 Hurricane Open Air Festival, Scheessel G

Here's a little report on the Hurricane festival yesterday:

Setlist (written from memory, but I think it's right):

The other other fool
High times
The Wheel
You Lied
Black to Comm
Vortex Surfer

A total power r.o.c.k. set, everything played faster than usual.  Bent made
a joke before Vortex Surfer:  "Here comes a power ballad....feeeeeeeelll
the power.  This was taken from the new Spinal Tap movie (which I haven't
seen yet, but must soon!)

For those of you "we must silently stand there and show our deepest respect
by not making one sound or moving" people:  you would have absolutely hated
this show.  The tent was packed (4000 people), who were screaming 5 minutes
before Motorpsycho even got on stage.  And they yelled, sang, clapped, and
totally freaked out during the whole concert.  During the holy quiet part
of Vortex Surfer, the crowd got so excited knowing what was coming that
they screamed through the whole thing.  But you know what:  it was a
fantastic atmosphere and it made Motorpsycho very happy!  I asked Snah
afterwards if it bothers him when people freak out at shows, also at the
quiet parts, and he said it didn't bother him at all and that they love a
reaction like last night.  He didn't even notice how noisy they were during
the "quiet bits".  So there!

I was standing at the side of the stage where Pavement was setting up their
equipment. Their bass player stood there with his mouth hanging open during
Motorpsycho's set and said something like "oh my god".  

And now I have some bad news for everybody.  The new album will NOT be
released in September.  It is being postponed until January 2000.  In the
fall we will release an EP together with Man's Ruin of songs that will not
be on the album.  

The reason?  Well, it seems that something "happened" in the studio. 
Motorpsycho went to the studio to record their new songs, which contain
alot of arrangements with strings and brass.  And basically the songs are
developing into something that they themselves didn't expect, but which
they are totally enjoying, and they need some more time to work on this new
material.  I was able to listen to alot of what's finished so far and it's
amazing and very different...I won't ruin it by giving you any more details
than that, other than to say that Bent calls it their "Sgt. Pepper".

OK, time for some more coffee.

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