Mannheim (G) - Alte Feuerwache 27.04.1999 21:48h-23:49h

Hi Psychofellows!
Here's the setlist/concert report of the following gig at my hometown

27.05.1999  21:48h-23:49h
Mannheim (G) - Alte Feuerwache

and also some sad information about the Effenar gig.....)-:

I. Setlist:
1. Un chien d'espace (A K9 suite)
2. Fade to grey
3. The witch   
4. Step inside/*** (Star, Star, Star)
5. Big surprise
6. Hey Jane    
7. Super/Wheel 
8. You lied (Walking on the water)
9. Black to comm-->Not fade away-->Black to comm
10. Young man blues
11. Vortex Surfer  
II. Concert report:
ok they started with a space session of about 8 minutes
(with Snah on keyboards; Bent on guitar; Geb on        
keybords/a lying sitar and glockenspiel) with Bent     
playing a simple guitar riff etc. ......I guess it was the
same way some of the Norwegian gigs started; and then     
they went into the 'K9 suite' which was very beautiful    
as well as hard rocking ('The rounder...') and differently
structured than the version on 'Roadwork Vol. I': after   
'Un chien d'espace pt 1' they surprisingly made a break   
followed by a sharp and hard white noise attack which     
fluently went into 'Sirius rising' and then 'The rounder we
go, the faster we get' <---this part was brilliantly played,
much more full of tension, more rocking and longer than the 
'Roadwork'-version......alltogether the intro session plus        
'K9' took about 39 minutes.

'Fade to grey'.......hmmmm.....couldn't really get into it.....
lots of jamming with know what I'm on about....*g*

The 'Rattles'-cover-tune 'The witch' sounded somehow
funny to me (the ear of a German rock'n'roll recipient)
.....can't really tell you why....but it's a strange feeling
to hear a well-known (and in my case hated)                 
*Krautrock*-song played by my beloved.....but well.....     
they do it much better than the original....and the grin    
on my face didn't want to stop until' they finished it......

I agree to those who find the reworked version of 'Step
inside' has a brilliant new rhythmic    
structure as well as the (very old) MP-grunge-power... 
...and I would have had a lot of problems to recognize 
it if you norwegian fellows hadn't mailed that something
like this is to expect because it was very long ago I had
the 'Lobotomizer'-album in my player.........they went   
fluently into '***' (Star, Star, Star) the new (!) song they
already played at Odense which is known as the              
'mystery song' for us g35ies so far (so the song            
described with three five-edged stars on the Odense-        
gig was neither 'Starmelt' nor 'The witch' but a new one) sounded pretty much like the reworked 'Step          
inside' had a similiar groove and feeling as it......and    
surprise, surprise: Geb told me after the gig that it was   
written on this tour and that it developed out of the jam   
sessions in the reworked 'Step inside'......ok the so far   
official name of the song is '***' (originally the symbols  
you find in the jpg-file of the setlist-scan from Odense)   

I heard 'Big surprise' for the first time and it sounded
more song-like than e.g. 'Fade to grey'.....but as many 
of you I can't really decide on something I heard for   
the first time......I'm curious on the album version to 

With 'Hey Jane' the best part of the gig started.......
I love this very uplifting (pop-)song a lot and MP as  
well as the complete audience enjoyed it also....MP    
really took off while playing it and the rest of the   
show had an verrrrrry high energy level:               
they ROCKED like hell......                            

'Super/Wheel' <-----Superstooge is a song I normally
don't like thaaat much but live and on a good day.... 'Wheel'-part was longer
than on 'Roadwork'......nearly the complete original      
structure and the loop-alike big final part really was    
a wall of sound.......more fat than I had expected after 'Roadwork'........

After 'You lied' ('Walking on the water') and an
comm' (with two completly played (not only sung)
verses of Buddy Holly's 'Not fade away' included)
they went off......leaving a cheering crowd.......

Since band and audience were in the *rock-my-
ass-off*-mood right now they didn't play 'Other
Other fool' (like the setlist I grabbed later announces
as the first encore) but continued where they stopped  
with 'Young man blues': also played very tight, extatic,
full of energy
'Vortex Surfer' followed and finished the set........well
I'm not fed up hearing it for it was just the third time I
was able to get it live and IMO it's the most brilliant song
you can find on 'Trust us'..... 

Altogether they played 2 hours.......the mood of the
crowd and atmosphere of the gig was good in the     
beginning went down a little bit after 'Un chien....' (I
guess 'cause there were so many unknown songs           
for many people) and was great with 'Hey Jane' being    
played up to the end.

III. Other informations and trivia

* I visited the guys at the soundcheck and Snah told me
something about the Effenar gig: that the band is looking
forward to play the Effenar for the 10th time and is really
hoping to play an excellent gig there.....                 
....but THEY WON'T PLAY ANY (OLD) SONGS sent in to         
 the Effenar (the most chosen 5 favourites).....   no 'Golden Core', 'Demon Box' or whatever will be    
played will be a *normal* show of the tour  
Seems like the Effenar-team has asked the band to do       
something like this but announced it in their programm     
before they got the answer.......and the answer was: 'NO,  
sorry, but we play songs WE want to....'                   
* Geb told me that the set in Braunschweig (25.04)         
with two or three exceptions was completely different from 
the one tonight in Mannheim......I asked Sticksies-Jeanette
if she could give us a setlist but she was too busy on     
Sunday to be able to hear the complete     
by informations from Geb and Jeanette I know that they     
played: Heartbreaker, High time, Hey Jane, Wishing well,   
California dreaming, S.T.G., Un chien........              
but I neither know the rest of the songs nor their order   

That should be enough for right now

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