1999-06-27 Petersberg, Erfurt G

hi psychonauts
after 5 hours of sleep i think iīm able to write something about this gig.
IMO it was the best concert i ever visited.
everything this day was just perfect. after having a bit of trouble to find
the concert hall on the petersberg in erfurt we where very happy to see the
tour-bus and bent looking out of the door. watching for a toilet to satisfy
one of the most human desires we entered that building and the washing room
and who was there?!?
it was bent standing in front of a mirror shaving his face! really suprised
we talked not very much. maybe it was not the right place;)
afterwards we where forced to leave the hall for the bandīs soundcheck.
really poor.
some words to the hall: it was nothing special. it was just this typical (if
anyone knows or can imagine:)) eastern germany music-hall which looks bad
and sounds good;) i guess there where about 300 visitors from every kind of
scene because IMO the majority of the fans went to the hurricane-festival to
see mp or to another one for listening music;) so i feared that this might
become a problem for the crowds athmosphere but it wasnīt - of course! i
think motorpsycho convinced nearly everyone in this room with there music.

-high times
-hey, jane
-like always
-all is loneliness
-superwheel (addititon of super stooge and wheel)
-hog...(i think thatīs a new song)
-black to comm
-young man blues
-vortex surfer

during the show they made a short break to sing "happy birthday" to someone.
sorry but i didnīt got to know to whom. it was really good: the crowd danced
or stood there the let the music influence theirselfes but no one disturbed
or argued any other people. there where also a few screems during the quiet
parts but this wasnīt disturbing and during "feel" there was a common

everything yesterday remembered me a little bit on braunschweig (my first
mp-gig ever) about two months ago.
we where the first on the ground, saw a part of the soundcheck and the band
relaxing (more or less) and had a really good evening.

well, i think now itīs time for some more sleep after 500km of driving car
to see motorpsycho and get back home on one day:)


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>Morten Fagervik (turned 28).
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