1999-06-28 Zelle, Reutlingen G

Hi Psychofellows!

Here comes the setlist and a concert report of yesterdays (Monday, 28th of 
June 1999) MP-gig in the >Zelle< in Reutlingen. I'm sorry that I'm a little 
bit late with it  (comparing to other gig-reporters)  *g*  but it's because I 
came back from Reutlingen just some minutes ago (-;

I. Setlist

1. High time
2. Starmelt
3. The one who went away [!!!]
4. Like always
5. All is loneliness
6. K9 suite
7. Feel
8. Superstooge [--> looong bluesrock impr. went fluently into -->]
9. Hogwash --> Highway Star [plus other 70's rock citings] -->
    Hogwash [--> went fluently into]
10. Black to comm --> Not fade away --> Black to comm
11. Vortex Surfer

II. Concert Review:

The >Zelle< in Reutlingen is a self-organized >cultural center< in Reutlingen 
which has a capacity of about 400/500 people and exists for more than thirty 
years (!) now. Through its nice architecure (classical underground optics 
[black walls and shit....] and.....it's no problem to get a good view no 
matter how tall you're: you can go upstairs and see everything) and nice 
audience it's provided with a familiar atmosphere and a recommended place to 
go if you ever should be near to this place.

So well the >Zelle< was crowded this evening (what a surprise *g*)
and everybody in a good and relaxed mood. MP entered the stage some minutes 
before 22.00, jammed some seconds to the background music on the P.A. (funny: 
it was some drum'n'bass-alike-indi-dancefloor track *g*, but don't ask me 
which......I don't know) and then went off straightly with 'High times' 
(which surprisingly stayed the only *new* song in the set, quite a difference 
to the spring tour). BTW Snah had no keyboard on stage and Bent was playing 
the first four songs on a (as I believe new) green Musicman Stringray-Bass 
with active 3-"band" [sorry couldn't find out about the correct English term 
for it]-equalizer-potis. 

The first part of the set was dedicated to the MP-power-pop-style and played 
with lots of energy, went through 'Starmelt' and 
s e n s a t i o n: 'The one who went away' (haven't heard this one live for 
years) which made me *really* happy......as you all can imagine with the 
crowd singing along. Also TOWWA had a new ending with the Snah and the Bent 
singing the last chorus a cappella in a brilliant way. 'Like always' was 
played a little bit slower(!) than on AADAP but rocked anyway 'cause it was 
played very energetic, especially in the last minute where the band flew away 
like in the 1995/96-around-Blissard-days. 
Then after MP entered the space section of the gig: 'All is loneliness' was 
played and especially sung amazingly perfect and beautiful......much much 
better than in the 'Effenaar': it sounded like being practised again before 
the tour and with Geb banging the toms it became quite powerfull and 'space 
is the place'-alike also 'cause Pieter at the soundboard put some 
extraordinary tasteful reverb and delay effects on the drums. 'K9' wasn't too 
long this time [I estimate about 30 minutes], worked out very homogenic and 
spiritful in the session parts. The 'Sirius rising'-part was shorter and more 
intense than at the last couple of gigs I've seen and completely played with 
the guitar by the Snah 'cause: there was no keyboard (s.a.). The Snah 
introduced a new  thrilling bottleneck(!)-riff (sound with lots of echo) to 
the 'The faster...'-part which really rocked like hell together with Bent's 
staccato-riff and blew the crowd off completely: 'K9' this time was one of 
the most chilling songs!. 
After 'Feel' they started the blues/hardrock-phase of the gig with the 
obviously unavoidable 'Superstooge'....well I don't like it......and the 
veeeeeeeery looooong bluesrock improvisation part afterwards lacked idea, 
spirit and tension IMO: the band lost the brilliant line they had established 
before. You could also see this point in the reaction of the audience: when 
they couldn't stop cheering during and after 'The one who....' and especially 
after 'K9' they seemed to be a little bit bored during this part of the gig. 
Anyway leaving the impr. part MP went fluently into 'Hogwash' also with long 
-- this time hardrock -- guitar solo which climaxed in the citing of Deep 
Purple's 'Highway Star' and some other 70's rock classics which I wasn't able 
to recognize. I was a little bit disappointed about 'Hogwash' also......I 
hadn't been able to catch it before as a live version and it didn't hardly 
sound as powerful as on the record. Also no break after 'Hogwash' and then   
g a r a g e   power-rock:
'Black to comm', a song I've come to love in the meantime, and MP proved 
again why: Uaaaaaaaaaahhh! (btw again rock'n'roll-session in the middle-part 
including Buddy Holly's 'Not fade away' like on several gigs of the 
spring-tour) You could also see the band enjoying themselves a lot and so did 
the audience.
They finished the main set after 'Black...', stayed on stage to refill some 
water into their bodies and returned to their instruments for just one encore 
a few minutes later: 'Vortex Surfer'; in the first loud part of the song a 
string broke on Bent's guitar and it went out of tune for this reason which 
could hardly be overheard in the middle-part. I guess Bent became a little 
bit angry about the broken string because the second noise part of the 
'Vortex' he really played the guitar as hard as one can do it and the 'About 
the pain....'-screams were.........well I'm not able to find a fitting word; 
the hairs on my body did..........
All in all 'Reutlingen/Zelle' was the best MP-gig I was able to see in 1999. 
Better than 'Mannheim/Alte Feuerwache' and for sure much better than the 

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