Gig in Eindhoven (29-5-98)

Here's the set list of last nights MP concert in Eindhoven.
I'm not entirely sure about the order in which some songs
were played, but I think I remember all songs:

Cherry-red rose (? cover? new?)
Superstooge, with a good version of The Wheel in the middle
Hey Jane
? some punky sounding song (a cover I think, "All about you"?)
Walking on the water
? (I think some blues-rock song was played here...)
Un chien d'espace ( improvising, only begin and end were 

Acoustic mini-set:

? (a country & western style tune)
? (another c&w style tune, hilarious reactions in the crowd)
The one that went away (everyone loved it)


Vortex surfer

They played from 10:30 to 0:50... and it was great!

A brief impression (no time to write a long report now...):

A note on the audiencethis weekend the Dynamo festival is in 
town. On Friday night, a lot of them visit concerts in town, so it 
was very crowded with a very mixed audience.

First half of the concert was average. Brilliant parts (Rad.Freq!) 
were interleaved with rather boring parts. For example, personally I 
don't like the blues-rockers like "Cherry-red rose" that they always 
play one or two of. 
The songs from the new album that were played in this part of the 
concert are the weakest on the album (IMHO). Nevertheless, 577 and 
Superstooge are ok for concerts (especially with the Wheel, which was
received with much applause). Hey Jane is an utterly boring song. 
Snah doesn't seem to enjoy it as well. The crowd was also not very
responsive during this part of the concert (lots of chit-chat going 
on, very irritating during the quiet parts).

 STG is cool, but has  been played for years in a row now. The same 
goes for Hogwash as an encore: it is probably the ultimate 'crowd 
swinger', but there's so much excellent old material from which they 
can choose, why do they always pick the same few songs...

From Manmower on, things started to get better (although I would have 
liked Psychonaut/Ozone/Taifun better than 577:). Chien was great.
Unfortunately, another of those blues-rock thingies was played (at
least, that's what my clouded memory tells me:)

The acoustic set was received very well. I had never seen them 
playing banjo's and stuff, liked it very much!

The second encore was very predictable but also very good. Hogwash 
always does it for a large part of the audience, Vortex is one of the
most brilliant songs on the last few albums (again, some assholes 
started clapping their hands to the rhythm, bwaaghhh!).

Maybe I seem a bit negative, but the concert as a whole was great.
MP seemed to enjoy themselves and seemed to be pleased about the
good response to their acoustic stuff. The concert was very vivid 
(what I mean to say is, it absorbed my attention, also thanks to the 
great projections. Who makes these?). 

Hmm, bit longer than I intended...

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