Mezzago 30-4-99

Great concert in Mezzago, also if many of my friends found it a little
"cold"... in my opinion it's the BEST MP gig I've ever seen (surely
better than last year in Mezzago and Reggio).

1. New one, don't know the title, poppish, fast and funny
2. KILL SOME DAY!!! Great surprise, great song, partially ruined by a
stupid fucker who made stage-diving damaging Bent's jacks and monitor...
at the end of the song Bent said "Only one thing: please don't make
stage diving! Thank you"... he was quite upset!
3. HEARTBREAKER - interesting new song including a guitar part very
similar to the intro of a Yes song, "Heart of the Sunrise"... check it
4. HI TIME - other  and last new song, less interesting than the
5. SUPERSTOOGE - ended with a long improvisation... the impro didn't
look very inspired, but in the end we understood Snah had some problems
with his guitar, which has been changed before starting the obvious
following song:
6. THE WHEEL - much longer and complete and powerful than the
"Roadworks" version... the medley "Super/Wheel" lasted nearly 25
7. "You probably know this theme": FEEL - a real good version!
8. "Now a song we play for the first time after almost 4 years": Bent
embraces a 12-string guitar, and Geb grabs a pair of maces, and they
start with "ALL IS LONELINESS"!!! Great song... some misunderstanding
during the improvised instrumental part, but this is probably because
they're not used to play it!
9. HEY JANE - Form now on, it was a great HARD ROCK gig! I really like
this one, and it was played perfectly!
10. S.T.G. - as always... powerful and wonderful... they cut out the
final "psycho" section...
11. PSYCHONAUT - I didn't like this one! It was quite confused... The
only song I didn't appreciate in the set...
12. YOUNG MAN BLUES - Funny as always, with a long impro middle section
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
13. YOU LIED - I don't understand people who don't like it! I think it's
their best "poppy" song, and anyway it a great live song... Geb
performed a quite long drums solo... a minute or something... Geb has
been REALLY great for all the concert!
14. HOGWASH - I'd have preferred "California Dreaming", but anyway...
quite nobody noticed the verse and chorus of Deep Purple's "Highway
Star" in the middle section!!!
15. BLACK TO COMM - one of my favs... A friend of mine, whose favourite
band is MC5, couldn't believe his ears! He got completely mad for this
one! (he didn't know MP use to do this one quite always!)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
16. VORTEX SURFER - as always!

Sixteen songs! I must admit that I HOPED they didn't play UN CHIEN, also
if it's my absolute favourite MP song... but I listened to it on the two
shows last year, and if they don't play it, they can do at leat four or
five more songs, as it was, indeed!
One note: the stupid audience! They did what we call "pogo" or "mosh",
stamping continuously against each others, hitting also people who
DIDN'T WANT TO, jumping on my feet and on my shoulder, and on my
INSULINE bag (I'm diabethic!)... and it's okay for some songs,
especially in a gig SO ROCKY!!! But how could they do it also on Feel
and Vortex?!? And, anyway, after all this pogo, they didn't even have
the energy to call the encores! A roadie had to exit and encourage
them!!! But it's a typical lack of italian audiences in the last times,
they're not enthusiastic in calling out the encores... it happened in
many concerts I went to, for example Springsteen or Radiohead, which are
"popular" bands, but also for June of '44, or Labradford, which have a
more "selected" audience... I think it's a cultural thing...

Another note: some lister from Holland complained that MP made few gigs
in their country, and a lot of gig in Germany... someone else from
Germany told that Germans are 60 millions, and it's a bigger country...
what should I say? Italy has 55 millions inhabitants, and only two gigs!

...But if I understood right, they should return in summer or autumn!!!

That's all folks... bye!


Hi psychofans
The gig in Mezzago, was grate, and full of energy. The setlist surprised me a lot. I'm
very happy to let you know that MP played 3 "new" old songs: Kill some day, All is
loneliness, Hogwash.
Now I try to write down a setlist, but about some new songs I don't have the title.
__NEW one////// Very poppysh
__KILL SOME DAY /////// Incredible a very big surprise, the audience got mad of this
__HI TIME /////// I'm not sure if it was the third song but in they played it.
__HEARTBREAKER ///////// Quite poppysh 
__SUPER/WHEEL ////// Long Wheel part. Bent started with:"And now what you want" or
something like that.
__HEY JANE ////// Grate, the first time I hear it live.
__ALL IS LONELINESS ////// A very big surprise, GRATE !!!
__FEEL ///// Much slower than the normal live version.
__S.T.G. ///// Grate as always.
__P-NAUT ///// Full of energy.
__YOUNG MAN BLUES ////// FFFFFunny !! The audience love it, long improvvisatonal part.
__YOU LIED ////// Many of you could be tired of this song, but the audience LOVE this
song and also MP
                               seemed to like it.

__HOGWASH ////// Totally reworked, long improvvisational part.
__BLACK TO COMM ///// Central part different from Roadwork version.
__VORTEX SURFER ////// FANTASTIC end as always.
I could have missed a new song or the correct order, but it is what i remember of that
GRATE gig.
BLOOM was sold out and TOTALLY full of people. The gig was much better than last year,
and less psychoout.
P.S. Snah told me that they probably come back in Italy in November for 4 gigs.
BY all
Ricky Scotti

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