1999-06-30 Ubach-Palenberg, Rockfabrik G

Here's my review:

-Song for a "bro."
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Perfect start. This one deserves to be on
the new one! It went straight into:

Also great. Crowd got wild, myself included.

They wanted to start immediately after Hogwash but the Snah broke a string.
It didn't really matter for the song, they played it a bit slower indeed but
it sounded really great.

-Hi time
I'm starting to like this one very much, it has a very catchy chorus. I
believe it was in this song they spontaneously started to play 'You really
got me' from the Kinks, very nice ;-)

-Hey Jane
Very nice again, and good singing by both Bent and Snah.

Good version, much better than last time in the Effenaar.

Very welcome after the noise from Psychonaut, and it really points out the
many varieties in style MP has.

-Un chien
"Only" 30 minutes ;-), but those minutes were beautiful. A whole different
midpart, starting with a fantastic noisepart instead of the known silent
Roadwork version. No keys from Snah, but I absolutely didn't miss them
today. Very fluent version.

-All is loneliness
And we all sung along, of course ;-). Great.

-Superstooge -
When they started my expectations weren't high, I just don't like the tune
that much. But today's version was a killer, very tightly played by Bent and
Geb and it really rocked. Loved it.

- Black to comm
Yeahh!!! Come on, clap your hands!! THE live tune!

-Like always
Very good, very melodic. Great song, and very welcome between all that
jamming. It makes the setlist quite well-balanced.

-the one who..
Really hoping they'd play this one, since Torsten announced it in his last
concertreview. The crowd went totally beserk (at least where I was
standing), and they stopped the a capella singing at the end, because we all
sung so loud ;-)

-Summertime Blues
I believe an Eddie Cochran song, but maybebetter known from Blue Cheer.
Everyone sung along, great atmosphere.

-vortex surfer
Maybe inevitable, but I wouldn't want it any other way (except for The
Golden Core...). Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

Great concert, really loved it. Almost as good as the Utrecht gig.
But the venue (Rockfabrik) wasn't built for bands at all, and only in front
of the stage the sound was good. And the crowd really sucked at some points.
They moshed a lot at the end of the show, and altough I understand this in
for example Black to comm, but Vortex Surfer is a song that can easily go
without it, especially the silent parts.
But I loved the show anyway, and the overall atmosphere was great. And
Jeanette, you said they were a bit burned out at the moment, but this didn't
show at all this evening :-)!!

going to bed now,
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