2000-08-30 Brescia, Onda D'urto Fest I

Only the setlist for tonight, I'm tired and I'm going to sleep...

1. 3rd
2. Superstooge
3. The Witch
4. Go to California
5. All is Loneliness
6. My Best Friend
7. Never Let you Out
8. The Other Fool
9. Song for a Bro
10. Taifun
11. Sha na na
12. Walkin' with J
13. Other Other Fool

14. Heartbreaker
15. Hi Time
16. Black To Comm (Including The Eleven by Grateful Dead!!!)

2h of concert. Except for Taifun and Loneliness it was a TOTAL ROCK'N'ROLL concert!!! Very very good!

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