International Tussler Society - 3B, Trondheim 31.5.95, 85 min

ITS is duellin Flint Gebhardt (banjo) , Barry Hillien (vocals and 
piano), Snakebite Ryan (guitar), Charlie Bob Bent (bass), Chicken 
Shakin Lolly Hanks jr. (drums)  and Kjell Karlsen (steel guitar).
This band is as you may guess the country-version of Motorpsycho. The 
gig was secret until the day they were playing. It was their warm-up before
the Down On The Farm appearance the day after. They started of with 
"Babylon", the punk-classic from Demon Box. Here played in Tussleraversion.
It was a very good start for a gig. Actually I like all the Tussler-songs better 
when played live. 

Then there was a cover which I can't figure out the name of from the setlist - 
it'a War...Born something (I stole the setlist from the 
man who took care of the sound). I haven't heard it before.(I'm not into
country actually). 

After that they played an up-tempo version of  "Now It's Time To Skate" 
which Bent introduced as a song written by one of their favourite bands - 
Motorpsycho!!. It was good and would have fitted into the original 

Then two more covers came, "Lazy Day" and "Alabama". The latter reminded me 
of Dinosaur Jr's "Get Me". Bent said it was written by some country-hero. 

"Frances" came thereafter. I think it's one of Motorpsycho's best songs. 
And they still play it - 4 years after it was first recorded.

"Frances" flew into "I Know You Rider" which was also *great*! 

Then they played this song "Friend Of Mine". They have played it sometime now 
but it hasn't been recorded yet (I assume). The first time I heard it was at the TMV-festival,
june 93. They also played it at the UFFA-Tussler-gig in April 94. 
Finally I atleast found out the name of it. I like this song a lot, but I'm sure 
if it's written by Motorpsycho or someone else. I guess it's written by 
Bent because it's a very typical Motorpsycho-song. 

Another tune from Tussler was played, "Six Days...". And then "A memory" came. 
After threating to leave they began playing the encore after massive applauses 
from their local audience. 

Bent dedicated the next song, "Ruby" to late Gary Holton. After playing the 
Lobotomizer-song "Hogwash" and Bent introducing the band they played another 
Grateful-Dead song. I think it's called "Bird". 

Then they played the theme from Tussler. Which was really fun. 
Playing faster and faster and Geb rocking on his banjo.  

Then they were waiting for the one and played that song *really* fast. 
This was maybe the highlight of the night. The crowd rocking wild. 

My setlist says "It Must Have" after that. I don't remember anything from it. 

Guess it's another cover, or maybe that was *the* Grateful Dead-song? 
Tell me if you know! After that lefthanded Bent handed the bass over
to righthanded Lars Lien and they played "Sonnyboy Gaybar". Bent going
crazy and dancing on *stage*. I was almost laughing my ass off. 
Really funny. And for the last song they played a slow country-song not on 
the original setlist. It was really a good concert. Much better than the last 
Tussler-gig at UFFA. The guys seem to have a good time and the crowd 
was apparently enjoying what they hearded and saw. 
Next week they will play at AVH-senteret in Trondheim. 
Guess I will go there too.

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