International Tussler Society - Studentsenteret AVH, Trondheim - 7 May 95

This country ("International Tussler Society") show  was unannounced, still 
lots of people showed up. Before the show there was a lecture on 
anti-fascism that most people wanting a seat had to watch too...No 
problem because it was great. 

Meanwhile, the band watched the Norway-Malta soccer match someplace else, 
Lolly passed the queue saying 'There's no way we'll start playing before 
after the match!' (Norway won 2-0.)

Matt Burt, the poet on 'Plan # 1', did a set before the show, the crowd 
was too noisy...

The songs played were probably much the same as 3B earlier, didn't know 
the name of them all. 'Flick of the wrist' was played though, great song.  

Lars Lien played bass on 'SonnyBoy Gaybar', allowing Bent to move around 
a bit! 

Also, the fast version of 'Now it's time to skate' was great.

Bernt Erik Pedersen claimed this show was better than 3B, I wasn't there, 
sadly, but enjoyed the show a lot. 
Nice to see them in a small venue too!


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