Chaux-de Fonds and Biel 1997-15-5 and 1997-17-5

Here is something Pjilip E. Jespersen posted on G-35. You rock!

Hi Supersonic Sciencetists!

I had the pleasure to see Motorpsycho live last Thursday and
Saturday (15.5. and 17.5) in Chaux-de Fonds and Biel in Switzerland.
Chaux-de Fonds was actually not a tooo good concert compared to
Motorpsycho standards - at least the worst of the now total of
five gigs I've seen - but Biel was AMAZING! This was in contrast
to Chaux-de Fonds the best of the five I've seen. Hard to describe
for me, the Biel concert just blew me away, in Chaux de-Fonds there
was a strange crowd and a lot of technical problems, still okay,
but no comparison to Biel. Actually as I own nearly all Motorpsycho
releases to date - some singles are missing - I still didn't get
know all songs, there must have been some new stuff not released
on Angels and Daemons or not known cover versions. This is a very
loose list of the Biel gig, okay?

- Unknown opener (longer song, sung by Snah, good leads, great song!)
  Same opener in Chaux-de Fonds too
- Unknown title (Dr. Hoffmann? Something to do with a doctor and his
- Walking on Water
- True Middle  >
- STG          > Blissard section
- Manmower     > 
- Un Chien d'escape (-> unbelieveable!)
- Heartattack Mac   (-> unbelieveable!)
Three or four other tracks, can't remember, then first encore

- Grand Funk Railroad Cover (don't know name of track.., good song)
- Sterling Says (yes! Didn't think to hear that one ever live)
- Bicycle reprise (Dr. Hoffmann?)

Crowd wants more, second encore
- The Golden Core (-> my absolute favorite track of Motorpsycho,
  this is in my opinion one of the best songs ever written to date)

Curtains! Everyboby is happy, 3.15A.M. Concert went nearly 135 Minutes,
Chaux-de Fonds was about 100 Minutes at the most. Biel is a good place
for Motorpsycho gigs, in April 1996 they too played an unbelieveable gig
in Biel. Good venue, good people, brilliant sound -> crystal clear!
Hope you've still got the chance to see them live! Dig it!


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