Biel Switzerland (13th May 1998)
Setlist (maybe with errors, sorry...)

- Acoustic Opener (sorry, can't figure out the song, it's released)
- Blueberry Daydream (acoustic as well)

- Taifun (longer version)
- Superstooge (very long version)
- STG (very long version)
- Un Chien d'escape (again a very long version)
- Feel
- Evernine
- Radiance Frequency

1st Encore
- Ozone
- Hogwash (longer version)

2nd Encore
- Vortex Surfer

This was one amazing concert! The crowd reaction was very loud
and Motorpsycho seemed to enjoy it. They have now been playing for
the last four years in Biel at the same location and seem to
like it here. Concert was well over 2 hours. I've seen Motorpsycho
now for the sixth time and they have always been able to top
my last concert impression which is extremely amazing!



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