Blinken, Moss 1998-03-18

holy moses what a gig!!!!!!

i must admit though, i was a little bit drunk last night, but i think 
i remember most of the songs.
*walking on the water
*hey, jane
*loaded (snah on vocals)
*vortex surfer

maybe there was a couple of more songs but i get a little bit confused because i was at the gig in halden on tuesday. but i can tell ya that this was much better than the halden-gig. the atmosphere was completely different. and i heard that mp themselves rated blinken to be their favourite place to play in norway. it makes me kinda prowd. i noticed that there was some recording gear by the mixer. i don't know who recorded though but it looked like mp themselves. maybe some live material to be released???. now my head aches and i've got classes to go to so..

btw: beeing a bassist myself, watching (and listening) bent playing live, is a great inspiration. (and a little bit envy, too!!!!!)

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