Effenaar club, Eindhoven, Netherlands - 6 April 95

here is my first impression of yesterday's concert. I didn't have time yet
to write a 'real' review.
The first thing that I want to say about it : it was totally different than
what I expected. It already started with the opening act Pond. I never heard
of them, and often the opening act is not too good, but Pond was ok. I think
I will even listen to their album if I see it.
Then the band started to set up their own instruments. Gebhardt put his
drums in all the way to the front of the stage, in the middle. Bit strange
for the drums. Lolly set up the keyboards (with 'Mellotron ??' on it)
somewhere in the back, Bent and Snah were on the sides. They also looked
totally different from last time. Bent with short hair, Gebhardt with no
hair at all, Snah somewhere inbetween.
The whole setlist was also a total surprise. They didn't play *any* of my
favourite Motorpsycho tunes. Not that I cared, because it was still great.
I'll come back to this after the setlist. First the setlist, then some

Wearing Yr smell
A shrug and a fistful
Kill some day
??   (new song)
Feel (heavy version)
??   (again a new song) (Flick of the Wrist?)
Nothing to say (mixed with pieces of Mountain)
The wheel      (this was the part I liked the least)
??   (again a new song ! 26 minutes)

Hogwash  (longer version)
Blueberry Daydream  (totally difefrent version, very good)

Looks like only a few songs hey ? It still lasted for about 2 hours.

'Kill some day' really ruled. Only the volume was set to high open, so
sometimes you didn't hear Bent sing, or th guitar was hardly present.
This part of the concert was over soon, they played all songs just like they
are on the albums.
After this it was time for what Bent called 'a new song'. I never heard it,
but is was ok. Don't know the title.
The next song was Feel, the acoustic opener of Timoty's monster. It was
played in a heavier version, also somewhat longer.
Then again, a new song. It was quite long (10 minutes or so). Also don't
know the title of this one.
I think they noticed that people found that they also should play some
'golden oldies'. So they started on Nothing to say, everybody knew that one
obviously. After the second verse, there was a long instrumental part (no
lyrics). Nothing to say went over in Mountain, and after a while back into
Nothing to say.
After this came The Wheel. In my opinion not a very good part of the
concert. It started out ok, but after 10 minutes or so they put away their
instruments. The main riff still went on. Everybody was fiddling with
buttons on the amplifiers, Bent made feedback noise with his bass. After a
long time (in which *nothing* happened) it just stopped. (22 min.)
And again, a new song. Bent said it was a tribute to Eindhoven (...). This
song lasted for 26 minutes ! It was great, one of the best parts of the
concert. It had this typical Motorpsycho structure. Some nice part with
lyrics, then it becomes quite basic, it starts to get louder again and then
comes to several climaxes. Very good.
Then the concert was over (after about 1 hour, 35 minutes and 9 songs). They
came back of course, and played Hogwash. First part was like the original,
but then they played a very nice instrumental part before the song ended, so
it was also quite long.
The very last song was Blueberry Daydream. Not a very obvious choice. But
they played a whole different, very heavy version. I don't know how many
verions these guys have of each song, but it sure sounded great.

That was it. I bought a nice Motorpsycho hooded jacket (blue, logo on 
back &
front). The guy who sold the t-shirts (same guy as last year by the way)
said they didn't have the Tussler, since it is sold out in Norway. He also
said it should be available in Holland now, but it is not in my record store
now. I'm gonna check on this after the weekend, if they don't have it I'll
send you a tape.

Now I'm left totally confused.
On the one hand, I liked all the experimenting a lot. Three songs lasted for
over 20 minutes, and had very nice new parts. The one thing that was not
good was that the quiet parts in the songs lasted too long. Sometimes they
just played some part for 5 or 10 minutes. A lot of people didn't like that,
and I was also not too pleased with it. But usually, the final of each song
made up for it.
On the other hand, it's a pity that they didn't play any of my personal
favorites. No Junior, Plan #1, only 1 song from Lobotomizer, none from 8
soothing songs, no Mountain, almost no Demon box and not even Giftland,
Watersounds or THe Golden core (which I actually looked forward too).
So I don't know really what to think of it. The concert was still very good
(no doubt about that !) but I think I would have liked it even more if they
had skipped for example The Wheel (there were enough long songs already) and
play some shorter songs like Plan#1 or Giftland in its place.

But Motorpsycho play a different setlist at each concert they say, so I
guess maybe they play these songs tonight. Although I'm not quite sure if I
can go tonight, still have to buy tickets....

Ok , let me know what you think of this setlist, did they do this in Norway?
Do you like the choice of songs they made ?

Rob (one very confused dude)
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