Eindhoven, Netherlands - 3 May 95

Motorpsycho at the Dynamo festival

June 3th Eindhoven Airport   120000 vsitors

Last Saturday Motorpsycho played at the Dynamo festival in Eindhoven, The
Netherlands. Since this is a metal festival, I was kinda curious about how
Motorpsycho would fit in. Especially since they played on a country festival
the day before.
Motorpsycho started at 12:45 in the afternoon, they were the second band of
the day. Not many people came especially for Motorpsycho, I think I saw only
3 others wearing Motorpsycho shirts (besides me). If you know that there
were 120.000 people on the festival, 3 people is not very much... Maybe one
of the reaons was that the Motorpsycho jacket they sold costed about 55 $ !
I bought the same jacket for only 30 $ in a club...
Motorpsycho had only 35 minutes to play a set, normally just enough to play
2 songs :-) Strange enough they played 8 songs (!). Here's the setlist:

Leave it like that
A shrug and a fistfull
On the toad again
Sheer profoundity
Nothing to say
Plan #1
?? (new song) [STG?   Vegard]

It was a *great* gig, the best of the whole festival ! Maybe I'm a bit
prejudiced, but Motorpsycho was the only band that could keep my attention
from the beginning to the end. 
When they started, my first impression was that they were just gonna play
play all 'loud' songs from their last album. This turned out to be wrong. 
The second song was a great version of Hogwash, the same they played here in
the Effenaar a month ago. It is a bit different from the album version, but
it is at least as good. Then came 'A shrug..'. As usual, Bent totally
flipped during this song. It was a strange sight, tens of thousands of
people (hardcore fans probably) just sitting on the terrain, Bent and a few
people in front of the stage jumping around.
The 4th song was a new one. They recorded it for a CD that is released to
celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dynamo. I think it's a (slightly modified)
cover, but I'm not sure. It is nothing special however, just a plain rock
During the first part of the set, Gebhardt had a lot of toruble wih the
drums. They sounded ok, but he was not satisfied with the way the Dynamo
people had set up his drum kit. It kept moving forward when he hit the bass
drum, not very convenient. In the end he was quite mad it seemed, I was
afraid they would stop the set. But, as a *very* sweet revenge, Motorpsycho
played longer than they were allowed to. Some angry people from the hardcore
band (Madball) that came after Motorpsycho and some guy from the
organisation were not too happy with this, but I was !! This stretched the
short gig to 40/45 minutes, so they could play one more new song.
But first the second half of the gig. It consisted of three songs they play
a lot in concert. The first one was Sheer profoundity, it fitted well on a
metal festival. It is not one of my personal favourites, but live it always
is good. Then came the only Motorpsycho song that some more people seemed to
know, Nothing to say. This was great, they played very well and I liked it a
lot. By then, I thought it had to be over, but then suddenly the tape for
Plan #1 (female voice) started. This really ruled, since they didn't play
that in the Effenaar last time. Also, it is kinda cool to play this at a
metal festival. The song itself is quite loud, but the quiet intermezzos
with the woman's voice do not appeal to many metalheads. Plan #1 was really
the higlight of the show, I wish I had had a taperecorder to tape it. Not
that the security would have let me take it onto the terrain :-)
By the time Plan #1 ended, this Dynamo guy was already waving that they
should stop now. Bent just laughed at him and said they would play one more
song, a new one. I guess this was some kind of compensation for screwing up
the drumkit. The new song was quite heavy, more Demon Box than Timothy's
monster. It lasted for about 6 minutes (I guess), and it sounded cool to 
me !

So, this was one more great Motorpsycho gig, although I must say that a band
like Motorpsycho is better in a club, their shows are much more intense
there, and the people are more interested. I'm curious what the metal mags
have to say about this concert, although they probably ignore it.


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