Eindhoven 1997-05-30

Hi all,

well I just came back from the first of two Motorpsycho concerts here in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I was quite curious how they would split up their songs over two nights. For this night I expected the 'standard set' for this tour, for the second night maybe covers? rare material? An integral performance of the Demon Box album? We'll see about that on Sunday...

This is the setlist, as far as I can recall it (it's late, I'm tired): Maybe I forgot something or mixed up the order in which they played them.. oh well...

* Dr.Hoffman's bicycle (well that's what they sing in the chorus...)
* You lied (Walking on the water)
* Heartattack Mac
* Mad sun
* S.T.G. (very long version)
* ??? (unknown, takes off very soft & quiet, then suddenly becomes very loud)
* Greener
* Flick of the wrist
* A shrug and a fistful
* Young man blues (cover from The Who)

--- encore 1 ---
* Sideway Spiral II
* Hogwash (mixed with bits of Jimi Hendrix' Voodoo child)
* Loaded
* Into the sun

--- encore 2 ---
* The golden core

and somewhere between all this there was a bit of Grand Funk Railroad... It lasted for about 2 hours + 15 minutes. Two encores, so they probably enjoyed the show themselves..

Well, how was it then, you might ask. Hmm. Although I hate to say this, I've seen better MP concerts. It was all very intense and Snah/Bent/Geb were all very enthousiastic, which is already enough to make it a good concert.
But that little something that makes a brilliant concert was missing, although I can't describe exactly what that was. Most of the songs they played are quite heavy (or were played heavy), but especially in the loud parts the sound got a bit messy (could hardly hear vocals). Also, it was more like 'a bunch of songs' (but good ones!!), while for example last year's tour had a more well-balanced set. Maybe this has to do with them playing two nights over here? In my opinion, there wasn't enough variation, but this was caused more by the messy sound (all heavy stuff starts to sound alike because of that) than by the songs themselves, I think... Well maybe this all sounds a bit negative, but that's just compared to other MP shows I've seen, it was still a very good show!

Err what more to say... The opening act, Blonde redhead, was surprisingly good. Sound was ok there, I'll definitely listen to their albums if I find them. Bit of Sonic youth, bit of Unwound, I liked it. Does anyone know any albums titles from this band?

Oh and the Starmelt EP was not available at the concert :-( Nice t-shirts though...

Later, Rob

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