Eindhoven 1997-06-01


here's a small report about the second Motorpsycho gig in Eindhoven, The Netherlands (June 1). Before the concert, Bent said that since last Friday's gig was quite 'rocky', this one would be more psychedelic.
And as if they wanted to prove that, they started out with Un Chien and S.T.G., both in, well, experimental versions. These two songs took about 40 minutes! Throughout the concert, there was a lot of improvisation going on, which made it all the more interesting. First, the set list (again, maybe I forgot/mixed up some stuff):

* Un chien d'espace (middle part totally different)
* S.T.G. (long, different, bits of The Wheel mixed in at the end. These two songs were about 40 minutes of chills down the spine)
* Manmower
* ??? (didn't know this one, but it sounded like a cover to me... Not played on Friday)
* Heartattack Mac
* True middle (just the first part, then a long and very good improvised rock part)
* Vortex surfer (i guess, also played on Friday and already becoming one of my favorite MP tunes...Hope to have this on tape soon.)
* On my pillow (grooved the hell out of me)
* You lied (same here, groovy stuff)
* Loaded
* Angels & daemons at play (last two songs made for a very loud final to the regular set)

-- encore 1 --

* Sinful-windborne (straight-forward version but very cool)
* Like always (same here)
* Pills & powders & passionplays (not my favorite song, but very good live!)

-- encore 2 --

* Hogwash (good old Hogwash)

About 2 hours, 15 minutes (again). (Now that I think of it, I probably forgot Starmelt in Friday's setlist)

Most of the songs were somehow twisted into completely new music, very long improvisations inbetween (both rock and psychedelic stuff). They were obviously having a good time. Snah had kind of an 'evil' look in his eyes all night (so that's what becomes of you when you become a dad..) and played like crazy, he freaked out repeatedly. Of course, same goes for Bent & Gebhardt, who must have very sore arms by now...

Although part of the crowd (less people than Friday) asked for it repeatedly, no songs from Demon box were played. I personally think it's good they stop playing Nothing to say/Plan #1 at each and every concert (although the songs are cool)... but I also hope I'll hear sunchild and junior live sometime...

In brief, it was an amazing concert, better than last Friday, better sound, and the set was brilliant. Too bad I'll have to wait for another year now...

Oh I saw someone tape it, hopefully someone with internet access so it will show up in the list of audience recordings:-)


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