Felix, Lillehammer, 1998-03-10

Hello there, vortex surfers. Does anyone have an opinion on tuesday's gig at Felix, Lillehammer? Personally I was a little confused. The guys (especially Bent) seemed to be in a good mood, but I think the not exactly hyper-enthusiastic audience was a turn-off to them. I don't know. The atmosphere was completely different from the last time I saw MP at Felix two years ago, when they played about 53 encores, and Bent had a one man show on stage. Last year I couldn't get a ticket. This time there were 50 tickets left half an hour before the concert was meant to start. And Felix is small, I think Sub-Unit had reckoned 160 tickets to be sold. I just don't understand it. Well, these are the songs that were played, not necessarily in this order. I leave to someone else to give their impression of them:
The Ocean In Her Eye
Super Stooge
Walking On The Water
Flick Of The Wrist
Young Man Blues (OK, I have to comment on this one. I really wanted to cry "NO!" when Bent sang the intro, but this time it was quite fun, 'cos they were kidding a lot on stage, and when everyone's standing maximum 5 meters from the 40 cm tall stage, it has to be fun)
Un Chien d'Espace
Heartattack Mac/Back To Source
Coventry Boy
Vortex Surfer

By the way, I talked a bit to Bent after the concert, because I had a bet with a friend about Taifun, and of course I was wrong. Anyway, I mentioned all those interpretations of the 577 title, about Lars Lien Sucks and Long Live Satan and EGG and so on, and he laughed and said, "yeah, I've got my version too, but I sure ain't telling you!" So I guess we'll never know, but noone guessed right until now.

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