The Folken gig & 70's thing

Just came back from one hell of a gig from Folken in Stavanger, and for me,
that havent seen them since the Quart festival in 96, this was  just
thrilling, I mean, I haven't seen a band that excited and inspired in a
long time.. I have no setlist though, but they started with a great version
of feel, and played a cool version of Manmover. I can understand that some
of you may get annoyed over the Vortex surfer encore, but for me that
haven't seen it it was just fantastic.

Talking about the 70's inspiration, I think that they always, at least
since Timothys, been influenced by the progressive early 70's bands, I
mean, releasing their album on the Harvest label, using these old amps and
stuff. WHY NOT? They got heavy 70's influence, but they have sure as hell
got they're own sound, and makes good music, and that is the whole point,
ain't it??? 

Bent introduced the Who covers at Folken like this: "Now we're gonna play
our favourite album from the 70's" And they played Shakin all over,
Summertime blues and Young man blues. I just waited for Tommy... And Live
at Leeds... u cannot blame them for playing songs from that album, it's the
best live album ever.

One of the new songs sounded a lot like the riff from "Soul survivor" from
the Exile on main st. album .... I can't wait for the next album.. PS, if
anybody has got a tape from that gig, please mail me...

Kåre Ørnevik

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