Halden gig 17.3.98

well what can i tell ya. these guys get better and better everytime i see them.

setlist (i think i got it right):
*Un Chien D'espace - lasted for about 20 minutes and bent announced 
afterwards that "tuesday is agod day to get psycedelic"
*Walking on the Water
*Young Man Blues
*Coventry Boy - hell i think snah sings good on records, but this was 
*Flick of the Wrist
*Vortex Surfer

well as you all can read this was orgasmic. i really liked the projector they used. i got sorta freaked out. and today they are playing in Moss, where i live, and of course i'm going!!!! things allways happen when the play in Moss. on the timothy-tour they blew the p.a. to Mars, and last year they played Sunchild plus that in the middle of the set, geb ran off the stage and outdoors while bent announced "Gebhardt mått piss" (=had to take a leak). so what can i expect tonight? Grindstone or perhaps maybe even Demon Box. wow, that would be great.

that's all for now. i'll return tomorrow with setlist and comments (if i can remember anything. last night i was sober but tonight stoned as a motherfucker. The best way to be at a mp gig.

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