This guy is running a dutch Kiss-fanclub.

A month before MOTORPSYCHO were going to play in the EFFENAAR in Eindhoven, Holland (my hometown) I called up their record label to ask them if I could go backstage, at the 26th of april, to present MOTORPSYCHO a KISSpresent. I've seen them three times before and twice they played Black Diamond and they covered KISS twice on a CD. So you could say that they were BIG KISS fans. They even put on make-up for a magazine in Norway (that's were they come from). The record company said it was ok and they would put me on the guest list.

I had no idea what I should give to MOTORPSYCHO because I had no clue on what kind if KISS stuff they had. So I thought what's cool and what's hot and decided to give them a copy of KISS UNPLUGGED & UNCUT, the whole show of MTV's unplugged. A couple of tapes with KISS demo's and rare live preformances. And ofcourse some magazine's from KISS CHIKARA.

I went to the EFFENAAR (the club that they were going to play) at 15:00 to ask some people overthere how and when I was going to meet the band. When I came there I saw their tourbus at the backstage door, and someone who worked there came out of the backstage door, so I walked up to him and asked him what I should do to meet the band and he said I should ask Pidah (Pieter Kloos), the tour manager. Within five min I was talking to Pidah and talked with him about it and said that I should ask for him later that day and then I would get my backstage passes. When we were talking Morten Fagervik walked passed us, but I didn't know that he was really one of them, at that time.Later that day I came back and watched the roadies building the stage and the lights and saw the band eating. I waited untill 20:50 before I was going to meet the band, so they had time enough to eat and sleep. At 20:50 I walked together with Pedah backstage and meet Bent Saether (bass,vocals), Morten Fagervik (lights, and used to do keyboards/rythm guitar), Cecillie Lykke (management, Turbo (guitar-tech) and Sivert (visials). Pedah told the band (and it seemed like evryone else who worked there that day) that I (KISS fanclub) was going to give them so presents. So when I walked in and introduced my self they weren't surprised. They were very nice and friendly. I explained why I was their and gave them the presents and they were very grateful, as they hadn't seen the unplugged session at all and they really loved the vantage KISS tapes that I made. I talked a lot with Bent about their experience of being a KISS fan. It was very cool, they were so "NORMAL". Bent was very friendly. But Morten, he was really crazzy man, in a very cool way, he's got a very good sense of humour. Later Gebhardt walked in and I talked to him. He's very happy and positive and loved the stuff that I gave to them. He's really nice and funny. About 45 min before the show Snah Ryan walked in he was still some sleepy so I didn't bother him. Then they made a set list and a couple of minutes later I left after there were photo's taken of me and the band (incl. Morten) and after they autographed some stuff. I waited in the audience for the band to come on stage and about 15 after I left their dressing room they did. They started playing and it was great. The crowd was very enthusiastic. The band played the following songs according to the setlist that I took after the gig from Snah:

     Nothing to say
     Young man
     Flick of
     Lone liness
     Plan #I
     Golden Core


     Fools gold.

(Plan #I incluided True Middle)

As you can see they started out very pop-y but later they turned all the way around and started to make more "draker" music/psychedelic. It was good show although there were some lightning problems due to a mistake by the local lightning guy, but Morten did his best. It was the best show I ever saw but still it was VERY good, especially golden Core, S.T.G. and True Middle, they were very intense. A half hour after they stopped playing I wan't back stage and that's when the party started. There were a lot of people backstage and everyone washaving a good time. I really had I good time with Morten, he's really funny. We even went to his bed in the tourbus wich was really funny. It was packed with small coloured lights. I also talked with Gebhardt which was a bit spacy because he was smoking some WEED, but still very cool and we laughed a lot. And in the end I talked with Snah, he looks a bit distend but he really isn't once you get to know him. All in all we had a good time and the guys are really funny.

P.S. did anybody order some MOTORPSYCHO flightcases ?!!?!

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