Cologna, May 1998

Hello fellows , just arrived from a wonderful motorpsychodelic weekend in Cologne. First of all a huge 'thank you' goes out to Vegard: due to his announcement on this list I was able to join the acoustic gig in the M20 bar today. Vegard, if we ever meet, I´ll share my best dope with you.:-)

The 'official' gig on sunday started with a song I do not know. It is brilliant and probably a new one, cause it is based on the same 'pling'-sound as 'the ocean...'. Others were STG, superstooge (seems to be Bent´s favourite Song; he moved like a little, happy boy), feel (what a nice surprise!),evernine, starmelt (joined the pogoing crowd in front of the stage; felt a bit a like Dog Eat Dog ´94), un chien... (very long...and in my ears a much greater version than on cd.), manowner, raciance freq, ozone ('are you ready to rock ´n´rooooooll?' (Bent)), young man blues, the surfer and one more rock-song I do not know. The acoustic gig today was very impressive, too, although they obviously didn´t feel very well (maybe because of the all the tv-cameras in front of them).They had no set-list; they wrote the titles of some songs on little pieces of paper, put them into Gebhardt´s hat and told the audience to pick the papers e.g. the songs out of the hat (by the way, I choosed 'the wheel'). Extracts of both the acoustic gig and the official concert will be shown during a motorpsycho-special on VIVA 'Wah-Wah' in three weeks (this is what somebody behind a camera told me). Watch out and all the best to all of you!


Some additions:

They did about 15 songs at their acoustic concert, but there were 3 or 4 I don´t know; probably new ones (and...sorry fellows, I can´t remember their names although Bent introduced them (...was too excited.)). The others were: .the skys are full of wine
.coventry boy
.the wheel
.fools gold
.blueberry daydream
.old man (Neil young-cover)
.mad sun
.manowner (sorry paul, but I have to say this: it was the highlight.)
.wishing well

these are the songs that were on little pieces of paper in Geb´s hat and picked out by the audience; there was no set list. As encore they played, ehm, guess what...

.waiting for the one who went away
of course the audience still wanted more, but mp had absolutely no ambitions to do that (as I said before: it seemed to me their mood was not the best that night).

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