Kvarteret, Bergen 1997-10-18

1. Starmelt
2. Flick of the Wrist
3. 577
4. S.T.G.
5. Heartattack Mac
6. Brave Captain
7. You lied
8. Sooper Stooge
9. Like always
10. Young mans Blues
11. Un Chien - including a bit psychedelia timothy's monster and some vortex surfer.
12. Hogwash

Motorpsycho seems to be in shape. This was my fourth show with them, and i'd say, probably the best one I ever have seen.

The local at Kvarteret is a very nice place for concerts of the motorpsycho kind. Quite small, not so wide room, maybe 20-25 meters long, with balconys at the back and along one of the sides.

I came early, and secured a nice spot to watch the concert from. The mixingdesk played annoying music, as the room slowly began to be crowdy. The warm-up band, House of Cardemomme, romped ably trough four jazzish, rageagainsthemachinish songs, but leaved the crowd shouting and yelling for Motorpsycho. A few more annoying songs by the mix-desk, and Motorpsycho entered the stage.

They seemed to be in a very good mood, and Bent was wearing funny clothes.

They started the show with Starmelt, a sort of normal version, but Snah's guitar was a bit low on volume. Then they continued with a looooong version of Flick of the Wrist, wich reminded me I had to start my stopwatch.

Then they presented a new song called 577, (but they weren't really sure yet), a long song featuring a nice bassriff in the meter of seven. Motorpsycho haven't used other meters much as far as I know, and I was very happy to find out that they finally has begun experimenting with it.

Then Snah started with Stg, nodding to the audience; "Yeah, it is S.T.G.". It was an extremely long version, and 577 and stg took nearly 25 minutes of the show alone. And I don't think 577 was no longer than 10 minutes. Needless to say, it was the fattest version I ever heard of the song, leaving me completely exhausted when it finally finished. And the worst thing was that it wasn't a second to long.

Bent got his guitar and started Heart Attack Mac, also a lengthy version, with a new twist to the improv part in the middle. This version also had the best vocals by Snah that I ever had heard. Snah sang, when i think about it, very well all the show. I haven't seen that before :-).

Then they played Brave Captain, a new song they both played on guitar. It was quite slow at first, Snah sang, and then Bent sang. Bent broke a string, but it wasn't noticeably for the song.

Then they played a "You Lied" straight from hell. It was so fat and so tight that it could have risen Grieg from his grave (if the grave had been there). There is not much more to say about it.

Sooper Stooge, another new song, was very well. I can't quite remember it now, since i never heard the song before.

Then they started something I thought was a new song, but suddenly they break into Like Always, nice as always.

Then. Then they did the young mans blues. This was maybe the highlight of the show, leaving Snah and Bent had a very nice, animated time on the stage. Bent sort of played a theather about what i sang about, it was very cool. In the latter part of the song, he said "WOO" in the microphone, simulating the sound of Snah's guitar, something he thought was very funny, doing it over and over again, laughing. When it ended, they left the stage.

They came back, and started Un Chien. An over twenty minute long version. Very nice, very silent, very heavy and very loud. In the improv-part the guitars suddenly gets psycdelic sort of, and bent sing lines from Timothys Monster (the song). Then the song turns into a march-like thing, wich I cant believe is anything else than Vortex Surfer. It continued, no vocal, then slided back to chien again. It was very silent when Bent sang the second verse. He sang very high, and his voice threathened to break at all times. Well, it held, barely, and the song finishes. The band thanks for the overwhelming applause, and leaves the stage.

They come back, thanks for the applause, and say that they didn't think they'd play more. Introducing Hogwash as a very old song from the eighties, concluding that they was getting old, they began the final sang. It was, like always, a long version, with Bent singing funny things in the middle section, e.g. "Freedom Man"in a jamaican way, and such. Very cool. Then, after a quite long end, the song ends, the band leave the stage, never to be seen again.

The stopwatch stopped at 1:38:09, and that was not counting the two first songs. This show could really compete with the show formerly mentioned, in Namsos last year. With probably this show winning.

Jan Frode Haugseth

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