31-10-97 Raj Harder 97, Köping, Sweden

Man... I've been in heaven, I didn't want to land, but I had to... Yesterday evening I saw them... for the 2nd time in my life, and it was so damn good I was speechless afterwords!!! Unfortunately they only got 45 minutes (!!!!!!!) on stage, but hey, I got to see them and that's enough for me... Six songs and I fell in love... :)) This was the setlist if anyone's interested:

1. A new one... dunno what it's called but it sounded a bit Stooges
2. Another new one, great!!!
3. Walking on the water
4. Starmelt Lovelight
5. STG with some extra stuff...
6. Flick of the wrist

45 minutes of total extacy!!! But, it doesn't end with this.. :) When I watched Loosegoats I stood next to Gebhardt :) And... a little later me and my dear friend Ove was walking around a bit at the festival, and suddenly I felt I had to go to the ladies room..........

anyways... when I got back out, Ove was gone, so, I went looking around of course, and what do I see? Ove and Gebhardt together laughing about something... so I approach and my heart starts beating... :)

There we were, Ove, Gebhardt and me... talking about lots of stuff, it was really great. He told us that they'd been recording a new CD and it will be released in February. After about 10 minutes, when it was time for Gebhardt to leave he asked us if we wanted to be put on the guest-list for Sunday's gig :)) Unfortunately I couldn't go!!!!!!! (Have to be back in school tomorrow, so I said many thanx but no thanx) but Ove is probably watching them right this minute... and I am pretty jellous! But hey, I am really happy I actually got to meet Gebhardt and that he made time talking to us, he seems like a VERY nice guy :)

As you can imagine my weekend has been grrrrrreat... I will live on this for a long time... I still have a warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach :)

PS... how long should one wait to take a shower after hugging a "god"???? ;)

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