1998-03-26: Linkoping, (S), Herrgar'n

Date sent:        Sat, 28 Mar 1998 20:47:00 +0100
To:               scan-indie@lysator.liu.se
From:             Erik Soderstrom 
Subject:          Motorpsycho
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I just wanted to say that the Motorpsycho gig at Herrgar'n here in Linkoping last thursday was the best damn gig I've ever seen. Yes, it really kicks Verve's gig in Hultsfred 1994 and Slowdive's 1993 Stockholm gig down a spot to number 2 on my list, and if you know how much I love those bands, you know what that means...

Drone, drone, drone - guitars going on and on, floating, growing shrinking, thundering for around 10 minutes so beautiful we were just standing there with our jaws chewing on the floor. Simply fantastic!

Unfortunately they had an interview already scheduled so I never got a chance, but I talked to the girl who went with them selling T's and almost all of the songs were from their latest 2CD/3LP "Trust Us" (which I noticed was available in the local indie record stores here earlier on thursday - they didn't have any records with them sadly - they would have sold the lot if they had) and she also said that the P3 Live recording made at Fritz Corner the night before will be broadcasted on April 23rd. Yummy!

If you get a chance to see them live - do _not_ miss it!

//Erik - blissful

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