Gig in London (1998-06-06)

Support from 'The Heads' not important really. basically a wall of
wah-wah noise.  Well its not often that Motorpsycho come to London so
this review is major biased towards Motorsycho. This being the second
time I've seen the band live. The first time was a bad situation as I
could only stay for the first 3 songs.

Well this year it was a different thing. I got the feeling that 2
thirds of the people at the gig had never heard of Motorpsycho before
as the band coolly walked on stage with no fuss or even much applause
really. A few shouts from the people down by the stage told me that
there were a few people who knew what Motorpsycho were about.

Heres the set list shamelessly stolen from the Motorpsycho page

>>S T G.(Rock Star Style)short Version , but including lifting up guitars
>>The Young Man Blues(GB)
>>Un Chien de Space(22min)
>>Cherry Red Rose(unreleased)
>>Walkin on the water ( brilliant mini drum solo gebhardt)
>>New Rock Song(Back to come?)Bits of Blues Brothers and Back to source
>>Vortex Surfer(Im gonna miss her)

The amazing thing about this band is how much volume and sound these
three people can emanate from the stage. Their stage presence is
givern to the crowd through there music and nothing else. (No cheap
gags between the songs).  This was a really great gig.  I got the
feeling that Motorpsycho were really enjoying themselves. I put this
down to the small venue (about 300 people?).  Like mentioned above STG
was in its guitar raising glory. Bent clad in his Skeleton suite for
the night. Young Mans Blues which I did not know at the time (but
suspecting a cover) was rockin and well received by the crowd, shame
that on sale they only had T-Shirts and Albums at the gig I guess
maybe the EP's (Ozone) were sold out?.  Superstooge was excellent, the
drumming was cool real feeling power from Gebhardt keeping great time
all through the gig. Un Chien de Space saw the psychonauts get real
spaced out with Snah taking to the Keyboard/effects he had setup on
the small stage.  This went from the most delicate guitar parts to
keyboard solos to full on ear splitting waves of sound. Evernine was
cool I can't remember anything outstanding (think I'd drunk to much at
this point!). Cherry Red Rose, never heard this one before but yeah!
they seem to make all songs rock. Walkin on the water was one of the
best of the rockin songs of the night which was when Bent swapped his
bass for a twelve string guitar?  from what I could see. I could not
figure out if they had a bass backing track or some sort of octave
gadget on the guitar which gave out the low notes? It looked like both
Bent and Snah were playing guitars though.  Encore..  The new song I
can't really remember except for the 'I need you, you, you' from the
blues brothers. Vortex Surfer had everyone singing there hearts out
about the PAIN! then it was all over to a cheering audience (painfully
soon). Me and my friends left the gig and sat in a square all totally
buzzing from the gig. we all went home very happy.


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