Gig in Mezzago (14-5-98)
Sorry for late... but I was far from my PC...

I was at the Gig in Mezzago, with Teo... I'll try to add something new to
that people already said.

The most important new was that guys begun to play keyboards again on stage.
I'm not sure that is the best thing to do, maybe is better to have a forth
man without leaving instruments, but I liked to hear keyboards again. I
still remember the first concert I saw with Deathprod... it was great!

Someone, last night, went to the mixerman and asked: "where is DeathProd?"
The freezing answer was: DeathProd has died five years ago!". Brrrr....

>> 1. Evernine (I don't like it)
>I lost almost the whole track coz the fucking pub where we ate 
>something had such a shitty slow service...:|| 

Sigh... next time we will not eat!
I'm the other one who LOVES that song!

>> 3. Walking on the water

Sorry Teo... I love this song!! I like when the play it, live!

>> 4. STG (very long final improvisation)
>...and very LOUD men...:))

Well Blissard is not my favourite CD, but this song is quite interesting and
the live version is a psychedelic introduciton to the real big surprise of the

>> 8. UN CHIEN D'ESPACE (more than 25 minutes!!!)


Last year psychosongs, was very long, really technical and much more
musically refined. This year there is much more emotion, and growing
I really liked it... something like the best PinkFloyd and Ozric Tentacles...

>> 9. RADIATOR FREAK (they didn't play it on March in Norway, did they?)
>I liked this one..but the central part was a *bit* too "athmospheric" 
>for me...but yet it's a GREAT song..:)

Well I think you must feel the emotions... when then Bent's guitar start to
play I hear something scratching (much more than in the studio version)..
maybe our ears from that acute sound, maybe that rough sound on the sweet
melody on the back or maybe Bent is scratiching our soul losted somewhere
in a quiet (and guilty) life.

>> First encore: Young Man Blues (Great! I never heard it before!)
>Yeah...great and VERY long...think it clocked around ten 
>minutes...long but "rocky" part in the end of the track..:)

This is the second time I hear this song (only live)... it is
funny and relaxing... I thing they like to play it to have fun.

>> Second encore: Vortex Surfer, of course...
>Nothing more to say about this song.
>So I'll just shut up.

And cry.

Well this is the second year that the concert stops and I feel like it just
has begun (two hours)... what does it mean?

The public in Mezzago is great... not like in Ponderano... maybe this is
the reason because they didn't come there. It was funny, because it was
very hot and I saw all the girls leaving their boyfrends and wait
outside... MP doesn't make femal-music?
I don't think so... our Lina and Elisa are greats!!!

Finally... I think that guys are having their magic moment and I hope it
will least as long as possible. I Trust You!



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