Oslo & Bergen, October 1999

Motorpsycho live.

Thought it would be nice having some reports from the last weeks
concerts. A lot of good ones showed up in the g-35 list, but as far as
I know there are also a lot of none members wanting to know what they
do and so on. I was so lucky being at 4 concerts this time, 2 in Oslo
[15/16 of Oct.] and 2 in Bergen [22/23 of Oct.]. I have been a MP fan
for a lot of years now, and as a result of that you get kinda used to
listen to the band if you see what I mean. Kinda hard explaining this,
but it's almost like the same thing as your hobby, you enjoy it more
for every time. Two days infront of the Mp gig I went to see Neurosis,
one of my other favourite bands. That concert was like every other
Neurosis concert, band enters stage, plays for one and a half hour,
leaves stage without any glimpse or thank to the audience. The set is
as always brilliant, but that sense of we are here - you are there,
gives you a cruel feeling. That is what MP do so goddamn much better,
they give you, the audience, a feeling of being part of the
happening. Anyway I'm gonna give you all a little touch of what I
think of the four gigs.
Oslo 15 Oct 1999:

Song for a Bro: They said they just had to warm up for some
minutes...so they did [keep doing that].

Kill Some Day: Great starter, a nerve in that song which gets into
you. I hoped for more 'older' songs this night, so KSD was one of
those. Bents vocal was tight and rusty as we so very well know it.

Hi Time: Sorry folks, I hate this song, maybe short it down a little
bit, or best, not play it at all.

Starmelt: Indeed better than Hi Time, but not the one I wanna hear.

All is Loneliness: No more boring pop-songs, this is what we wanna
hear. First time I heard the live version of this song was in
1996. Liked it a lot, bit different nowdays, without the boogie
ending, instead a jazzy tumbling.

The Other Fool: Surprise indeed. Bent nounced it as a song with a
'arctic vib'. That was true, a true new sounding thing, with a lot of
different themes. A real 'dødare'. 'Smokin weed, and listen to Pink
Floyd'. Hmm...Bent.

Manmover: Notn to say.

Un Chien d'Espace: Great like always. A different mid-section. The new
'on-off member' Bård seemed little confused at some parts, but did it

The Wheel: It had to come. One of their best songs ever, pitty that
they end it 'before' the ending.

Plan #1: A killer. Gets into to you even more than KSD. A surprise too.

Liz Reed: Jazz is something Mp do very well. With Bård and Snah in
great shape.

The Nerve Tattoo: Classic. TNT is the reason why I don't like Hi Time.

Hey Jane: Another great reason!

You Lied: Great audience singing. Nothing more.

Black to Come: One of the best cover tunes they've done.
Vortex Surfer: A big fuck off to the audience, and a big hog to the

Great night. With a short, but well played set. Un Chyen and Wil my
Oslo 16 Oct 1999:

Liz Reed: Tighter and better played than the last night. Snah seems to
enjoy this a lot.

High Time:


Hey Jane:

Heartbreaker: Hellova intro. Do somethinmg more out of that Bent.

Nerve Tatoo: Yepp!

Feel: Heatmizer? No?

The Other Fool: Intense!

Kill Some day: Bittersweat.

All is Lonelines: The band became more and more energic for every
second this night. Outstanding version of this classic.

Plan#1: They really had it going. Little short set. 

Summertime: Why not, this was announced as a 'pop-gig', wasn't it?

The One Who: This is how a pop song is supposed to sound like. The
audience didn't sing that much though.

You Lied: 

Black to Come: And this is how a rock song is supposed to sound like.

VS: This is great tune indeed, but gets greater when the audience
behave like this.

This is a little bit funny, but it seems like the younger audience are
a little bit older than the over 18 supposed to be grown ups
people. Maybe it is the alcohol, I don't know. I'm not one of those
besserwissers, I like to rumble around ones in a while too, but during
these quite parts I enjoy it better standing still, and with my mouth
shut. Screaming and yelling people are irritating, and I know the band
things so too. For example on the Mogwai concert in Bergen some weeks
ago, one of their rodies came to me and asked: 'why the fuck are they
talking so much, it's a crime to the band'. Little bit embarrassing  I
must say.
Bergen 22 Oct 1999:

STG: Great opener, some minor sound problems, but as always Pete was
there to help them.

Cranberry: Wohow, this was something indeed! Rock and jazz fusion or
something else. Seventish and beatiful. It started as the ender of
STG, and lasted looonnggg.

High Time:

Hey Jane:

Song for a Bro: Reminds of some jazz band I once saw, don't remember
who it was.

All Is Loneliness: Perfect, Bård seemed to be more Psycho than last weekend.

Feel: Ok

The Other Fool: Sounds more and more like Pink Floyd, lyrics mansion
them too, so here we go again

Flick of the Wrist: One of my top ten, Snah is some hell of a guitar player.

Plan #1: They became better and better this night, indeed not a ender
as they used it as in Oslo.

Un Chien d'Espace: Bårds problems from Oslo were long forgotten, this
song is as flexible as a song can get. It's probably a crime calling
it a song too, it's more like a, they've said it themselves, a suite.

The Nerve Tattoo: Ok

The One Who Went Away: Yepp, you 'bergensers' can sing.

Summertime Blues: 

You Lied:

Black to Comm (w/Oh Well, Bo Diddley(?), Not Fade Away & more):
Gebhardt workin harder than ever.

Vortex Surfer: ok

Better than in Oslo, but the audience in Bergen were behaving like, I
don't know. There were a lot of irritated faces around, which gave the
whole thing a cold feeling. But a great set, and a band in great shape
made it worth the money [get the goddamn prizes down!!!].
Bergen 23 Oct 1999:

High Time: 


Kill Some Day: I will!!

STG: Great, one of the songs I found boring, but start to like again. 

Cranberry? Sauce? E-riff? Nile Bass and City?:  Hey ho, here we go,
down the road to never!


The Wheel: Outstanding, a suite with a nerve and intensity no other
band can reach. [Ok, maybe some]

Plan #1: 


All Is Loneliness:

Psychonaut --->: Not expected, this is how we [maybe it's me] want -->
--them to do it. Improvise more on these 'shorter'songs too. Went on -->

Jin-Go-Lo-Ba: don't know what it was.

The Nerve Tattoo:

Hey Jane:

The One Who Went Away: They sang better the day infront [the audience].

You Lied:

Black to Comm (w/Oh Well, Bo Diddley(?), Not Fade Away & more): Wow,
never heard anything like this. Where the hell do they take it
from. Improvised, played and sung with a honesty I never have heard
before. Bent started singing the same lyrics as in the end of
'hogwash' in Dresden 1997. Don't know what it is, tell me someone. 

Vortex Surfer: End with something else next time, please.

Great gig, outstanding versions of Wil and Black.

Four gigs roughly sumed up. I noticed myself constantly saiing 'we',
but it's me talking here. Why I do it, I donno why, stop me someone. I
met a lot of hard workin Mp-fans during the long week. Funny to see
the same faces everwhere, but it gives it a feeling of being home or
something [sounds pathetic]. Hang on in girls and boys, we are in it
for the fun and notn else.

As we all can see, some songs seemed to be played over and over
again. Such as Starmelt, You Lied, Vortex Surfer and Hi Time [although
that ones new]. Give us something else next time, I'm kinda tired of
hearing these songs. It's probably the same as with you guys who heard
'california dreamin' over and over again. Hopefully the band thinks
the same way about these songs as with 'CD'. Don't misunderstand me
here folks, these are good pop sort of tunes...yeah what ever. It
becomes something else with Hogwash, Black to Comm or Un Chyen. They
are first of all better songs, but they also are different from
eachother every time they are played. [have to do something serious
with my english]


Kjetil Wanach Berg   [29 Oct 1999]