Gig in Rimini (17-5-98)
Hey y'all Motorpsychos!
Hope you're doing well...I am for sure!
Yesterday MP in Rimini...what a great day...everything's been simply PERFECT!

I got in Rimini at 1pm together with Elisa (the desaparecida-nowhere 
to-be-found-girl on the list ;)) and we headed to the Velvet club 
even if we had to wait about 8hrs for the gig:)
We had in mind to have a little chat with someone of the band for my 
webzine ( italian only sorry!)...but we were 
a bit reluctant in the beginning because the band was having 
we waited on the bank of the little lake outside the club till 4pm or 
I ended up asking Bent if he could gift us with 10 minutes of his 
time...and of course he was very kind and joined us after 5 minutes...
We had a little 20mins chat-interview-callitwhatyouwill you'll might be 
reading in a few weeks if I find some spare time to type it down in 
After a while we heard some music coming from inside the Velvet club 
and we discovered that the MP soundcheck had we sat down 
on the side of the stage and let the music flow...we got excerpts 
from ever9 (great song again!) played in  a very violent kyuss-like 
style..mad sun...manmower..."black to comm" (so it's written on the 
setlist) and some other stuff...really cool moment indeed!
The beer was flowing jus' like the music so we found ourselves a bit 
alterated before the gig ;)
OUT OF ORDER was the opening italian band..really heavy yet groovy, 
they played some kind of desert rock stuff...great way to start the 
But soon MP is onstage and the magic begins once again.
Here comes a doctored-up setlist..:)
-Rad Freq. (cool as usual...great way to start the concert)
-Sooper (superstooge of course...70s as f*#k and very heavy)
-You lied (first sing-along anthem of this night...great!)
-Black To Comm (dunno the exact title..dunno where it comes 
                               from...anyway it's a pretty heavy song...think it's the same one I 
                               did not recognize in Mezzago few nights before)
-Un chien d'espace (even better than in Mezzago...bringer of a cool 
                                   "out of body experience" to me...;)..clocked at 25 minutes I think)
-Manmower (really epic yet soft...great track..I brought it back to 
                      heavy rotation on my stereo lately and really enjoyed it)
-Flick of Da wrist (groovy and powerful...great tune again)
-G.T.S. (err...something went wrong with the song title it 
               seems...really rocky in the beginning and psyched out in the 
               end...the perfect MP tune?)
-Hey Jane (uh! did not hear this one in Mezzago...GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!)
-Ozone (there's blood on my hands...dumdidum...sing along man!!!!! :))
-Hogwash (rocky tune for a rocky audience...nothing more to say..I 
                    really dig this one and I'm VERY happy they decided to play it)
***now here come as the first encore 3 acoustic or semi-acoustic songs with Gehb on the 
     banjo...Bent asks for silence..."thanx a lot..sing along if you want...")***
-Mad sun (pheew!! I nearly cried on this one..I actually did not coz I was too busy singin'!!)
-Feel (of course different version from the "electric" one heard few 
           nights before...even better...yesyes...:))
-Waiting for the one (most of ppl surprised of hearing this 
                                      one...loved to get back for a while to the good ol' days ;))
***second encore***
-Vortex surfer (did not comment this one on Friday and I'm not gonna 
                          do that already know what I'd say;))

The gig is over and I need 10 minutes to realize what's been going on 
in the last couple of hours...definitely better than Mezzago (which 
actually was pretty good! -the same Bent said it to me)...way more 
intense...maybe the best MP gig I've seen (4th one BTW).

bye y'all :)
sorry for the long posting...but I wanted to share it with everyone 
who was not there...this one goes out to Bipo...we missed you man :)


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