Oslo, Rockefeller 1997-10-24

Various impressions

Petter Haaland:
Great concert which lasted about 2 hours....
here is some of the songs:
(not in the right order)
rad fre.
Flick of the wrist
Un chien d'espace(over 30 min.)
Heartattack Mac
You lied
Like always
Young man blues
(can't rember any other at this time..)

K-V Anfinsen:
Hi g-35-ppl
The concert was brilliant. it was....the best. dont know what< to say actually. Im not a good "concert-reviewer". Anyway, since im getting up at 04.30 every day (going to work) i was v e r y tired friday night. Too tired. ..think the only band who could keep me awake that night was MP. I remember STG, Un Chien, Like Always as....epic moments. Young mans blues was a big surprise for me cause i was a bit "tired" of that tune. It was great. And... they didnt even play a single tune (i guess) from Demon/Tim, how about that! Now.. i just wish i could see them abroad. Damn, that next album has to be a good one:)

Martin Furan:
To me the concert was easily the best mp consert I've been to. The dissapointment because of no Demon Box songs (in my opinion their best album) was forgotten when I heard the new songs. Simply great. I loved the song that started off slow and clean with Bent singing a couple of verses (something about a girl ...) and after a while it exploded without warning. Does anybody know what it's called. I think they played it somewhere in the middle of the set.

Mats Johansen:
During the "Young Man Blues" jam, Snah suddenly ventured into a previously unknown territory with some new guitar sounds. Bent reacted spontaneously and started to smile and nod his head. And before you knew, they had started to emulate each other: Snah playing his guitar with Bent copying the guitar lick with his voice. Those of you who have heard Deep Purple's live album "Made in Japan" know what i talk about: Blackmore and Gillan's fondling with "Strange Kind of Woman". What a joy for Deep Purple fans in the audience. Confirms that Snah is a Blackmore fan (Does he nod his head sometimes the way Blackmore did in the 70's, or is it just me?).

The show itself were truly amazing with the band in top form. Although i missed some songs, i feel that this show were one of the absolutely best ever. They have an amazing collection of songs now, and showing of the new songs which were previewed at the gig, it seens that the new album wil be a truly classic!!!

We're really lucky to have these guys... : )

Frode Leirvik:
Motorpsycho at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, 24.10.97
Support: Butt Mart (Matt Burt and Kim Hiorth°y)
Audience: crowded
Setlist: not available

In lack of any better words, I will have to express my response to this concert in Norwegian: jŠvla bra!!!!!! In my opinion this must be one of the best concerts I've ever attended. The sound was loud, but controlled. The band was fit for fight and played it tight. They played quite a few new songs and they also sounded perfect. Songs like S.T.G. and Un Chien d'Espace (never before could a dog have been further out in space than this night!) were purely extatic. I dare to say: let any other band play Motorpsycho and it will sound accidental. With Motorpsycho it sounds devine, like a masterplan beeing unfold.

But: words are poor; the concert was rich. Therefore I will speak no more (well, maybe once or twice)!

In deepest gratitude and respect, Frode Leirvik

PS! Thanks to Lolly for letting me in!

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