Rockefeller, Oslo, 14. March 97

As I have grown older X-mas has lost some of it's magic and glory and expectations are quite low. I am not sorry for this, though, because nowadays the wait for the next Motorpsycho gig in town probably is the greatest of expectations. So when I "tussled" along to Rockefeller this Friday night I was really looking forward to what was about to happen.

Rockefeller was crowded, I was sober (as I use to be on conserts) and Deathprod was put on as support. I am sorry to say that his support wasn't excactly supportive this time. Nor was it any different or exciting. Pity. But the way his opening cued up Motorpsycho's first song, S.T.G., was quite nice. This brings me over to the stars of the night and their SETLIST (with my own comments):

1. S.T.G.; middle part first, best performance I've ever heard of this tune.
2. Kill Some Day; indeed...
3. Like Always; nice tune and lots of energy.
4. Heart Attack Mac; stunning!!! Never been better.
5. Pills, Powders & Passion Plays; the surprise for me this night. I love this song, really!
6. Nerve Tattoo; "an award winning tune" according to Bent. Jeez, this one rocks!!!!!!
7. Young Man Blues; far out, but perhaps not so exciting anymore?
8. Starmelt/Lovelight; OK.
9. Un Chien d'Space; probably the best they've ever made and played. Bent's vocals were as beautiful as I've never heard before: divine!
10.Sideway Spiral II; confusingly good.
11.You Lied; I did not! This one really shakes out!
12.Hogwash; with some unknown lyrics towards the end. How hard can they really play this one? I miss some of the more sluggish feeling from Lobotomizer, though.
13.The One Who Went Away; and so they did. But they came back to play...
14.Nothing to Say; including the best part from Montain. Mindboggingly good guitar solo by Snah. Unfortunate technical problems for Bent. I am afraid it never got to what it could have been. Bent was really pissed off and initiated the band to play...
15.Into the Sun; "an old one" according to Bent. An angry one, according to me. I almost got scared...
16.Golden Core; fuzz and purity, mostly angels at play. I almost started to weep and the rest of the audience just stood there, as if witnessing a close encounter.

I must say:
- I have never seen them as good as this, technically.
- Bent & Snah have never done better vocals.
- the sound was at it's best. Clear and not too loud.
- Gebhardt is the reincarnation of John Bonham.
- Motorpsycho is perhaps more than I deserve.

But: I felt something was missing from this consert. Perhaps was the sound too good, perhaps were they too good at play, perhaps was there sometimes a lack of enthusiasm or perhaps was the audience a bit lame. I don't know, but I had good feeling after the concert, I was not amazed. Actually, I was a bit disappointed. Too high expectations, you say? Might be...

Respectfully yours,
Mr. Frode Leirvik
Primo Fanatico di MTRPSCH

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