Rockefeller, Oslo, 1998-03-14

Jan Frode:
WARNING: This is long, and probably not too intresting.

The acoustic set was ok. A bit low on sound, in fact. First I stood in front, by the metal. Right in front of the stage. It was ok. At first. They had some problems with the sound, Snah's guitar (and violin on blueberry dd)was sort of too loud and sounded dominating over Bent's acoustic guitar. BTW Bent had a cold, but sang alright anyhow. The drunk morons sang (in norwegian: skrålte) and shouted to the one who went away. It ruined everything and Bent tried to sing nice, but them idiots ruined it. (Do you want to hear something which might upset you? I think beer and alcoholic drinks should not be sold at concerts...and ppl who are drunk (ppl we can see are drunk when we first spot them ) should be forbid to come in.. The beer and alcohol ruins everything..a good musical experience is arousal enough...the drunk morons ruins it all by acting lame and shout and throwing their fist in the air, hitting their front man in the head.)

Then they played The ocean in her eye. But the sound was terrible. We heard only Bent's bass, and it was not that cool. We could not hear the vocals. This was of course because we were right in front of the monitors, but the sound was too loud anyhow. And the ppl started to press and act stupid. I stood there, and it was in fact much worse than seeing Smashing Pumpkins from the front row at roskilde. It was a painstaking experience, and I couldn't concentrate on the next songs..when they came to s.t.g. i let them nice guards lift me up like a doll.

Then I stood at bent's side...heard bass bass bass and saw snah snah snah. it wasn't too good a combination, so I moved further behind...didn't see to much. By then the band played un chien...but it wasnt any good for me, didn't see anything...didn't feel any spirit..i saw snah though. he played guitar like you usually don't play guitar, using a slide just gnissing it all over the neck and over the microphones using some strange effects.

Then they played young man, it wasn't special and psychonaut. Went off stage.

Then this guy in front of me suddenly moved. I took his spot and there it was! The stage! Perfect sight and perfect sound. The concert could begin!

They came and played the following encores:

drug thing
vortex surfer

And this was the good part. Ozone weren't that cool, but hogwash had a new lengthy part inside it, and i liked it very much.

vortex saved the day. the erotic twocolor film was shown. at the ending, when bent screamed "about the paaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiin" i of course, experienced a long 30-second chill, about the longest one I ever has experienced.

worth thinking about is chills most often has to do with the music and lyrics isn't just the music, it is the music and lyrics, and, or (on un chien) the music after the lyrics.


I want to share some impressions from the Concert in Oslo this Saturday. I've just come "home" to my school after a rather exhausting weekend. The school is situated in Hedmark, near Flisa, far out on the countryside. When I once in a while take a trip to Oslo to have fun, things tend to get a little out of control... no, not out of control, but I do a lot of things I don't normally (get the chance to) do. For example, this particualar weekend, there was this concert at Rockefeller with our favourite band. My ticket was safely kept in my pocket. I was ready.

But, there are at least two totally different ways to experience a Motorpsycho concert. I had to decide which, and I don't know if I made a wise choice. Time will show, perhaps.

One way to experience shows like this is to go to the venue fully conscious, ready to pick up every impression, *listening* to the band, explore the music, and try to get into some kind of "trance" or "consciousness". This way, you will remember a lot of details, which songs they played, you will be able to review the concert and compare it to other similar events, and you can look back at the whole thing as one of the great moments in your life.

As previously stated, I have two major ways of experiencing concerts like this. The other way involves a couple of good drugs, taken orally. As we say it in Norwegian: "En Ålreit Blanding(tm)" ["An OK Mixture(tm)"]. And I don't mean alcohol. I agree wholeheartedly to the idea that serving beer at a Motorpsycho gig is stupid. Alcohol makes people act stupid. If people want to drink a lot of beer and at the same time be at a concert, they should go to Blitz and the punk gigs there. Believe me, I have nothing against Blitz and punk, but if I wanted to fight just to be able to stand and watch and listen to the band, I would go to Blitz. But I shouldn't need that at a Motorpsycho concert. I want to *experience* things. I want to "be" music (if you know what I mean), but I'm unable to be anything but pissed off when people pour beer all over me just for the fun of it. Fuck them.

So my Motorpsychedelic trip, helped by a nice easy drug and a nice psychedelic not-so-easy drug, got kind of spoiled by some of my fellow citizens. But they couldn't fully destroy the night for me. I was really, really *really* amazed by "Vortex Surfer". I hadn't heard it before the show, so it took me with surprise.

I bought "Trust Us" today. The cover is great. It is difficult to get the CDs out of the cover, it takes some time, but I think they've done that on purpose. I think they want us to look forward to the listening experience *just a little bit longer*, so that when we finally get to hear this masterpiece, we will appreciate it more. :)

Sorry if not all of this made sense. I'm still a little tired after the weekend. But I see things somewhat different now.


«Rockefeller Hall - an ode to electricity»
[a poem inspired by Motorpsycho’s gig 14.03.98]

nights of march/winter cold air through excited lungs
feeling joy as i pass through these streets of grey
pulsating signals: stop start stop again
everything in waves

the gateway is filled with buzzing voices/sounds
all is one: one is all
the stage will be our vehicle to new lands
everything in a new perspective again

colours - ever expanding visions
they are here: the three

the fingers of an acoustic song touch me gently
they shove me upwards, ever onvards
i feel the groove

Un Chien d’Espace: like a wheel it moves me
rolling, rolling like a super freeway motor machine
taking on passengers, guest of all creeds and races
we fly

hypnotizing, tranquilizing, psychonizing
we get the show tonite!

like a family we are united
gathered into that warm/blackened club
and as we listen to the music we know/love

we all have a place we can be safe from danger

into the void...[and never out again]


Sorry - got a bit creative cos of the gig last night. They opened the set acoustically (the skies are full, Blueberry Daydream and Waiting for the one) before they turned on the electricity and went mental. Vortex Surfer, D'espace, Starmelt, STG.....

Best :
STG - totally over the top!!!
Vortex - closer - brilliant and beautiful!
Hogwash - still it always sounds fresh!
D'Espace - with a terrific improv in the middle (like the Wheel only much more addicitive -faster and faster).

Many long floating tunes! Aaaaarhhhgg...word fail to descri.......

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