Rockefeller 3.october 1998

Hi all!

The gig at Rockefeller here the other day was pure magic! The 
boys played on and did a wonderful job in making my skin crawl..

Especially an  i n c r e d i b l e  extended, instrumental session 
during "Un Chien D' Espace" with a trancelike feel succeeded in 
doing this. They seemed in a good mood and i feel they have 
progressed since this spring. When i say that i mean that i feel 
Ryan's harmony parts and guitar playing is stil getting better and 
the experimental pieces of the music is getting better integrated 
into the songs. 

They even did some of "the wheel" which i haven't heard live since 
february '95. Great stuff..

now i'm only waiting for PJ Harvey for the next skincrawl... : )


Mats Johansen

OK, I'll give it a try. Due to some financial troubles after my trip to 
Trondheim, I had decided not to go to Oslo, but I changed my mind in the 
last minute. Do I regret that? Haha, it was fantastic! Anyway, to the 
setlist, with some comments (mind you, I can only remember the order of 
the three first and the last songs played):

Watersound (actually I didn't expect them to open with this one at 
            Rockefeller, too, but everybody's happy as long as the
            song is so brilliant)
Pasetoges (Fade To Grey? Fading To Grey? It's rock, and I'm looking 
           forward to hearing it on record)
Starmelt (I'm a little tired of that song now, so I didn't pay that 
          much attention to it. Shame on me!)
Psychonaut (maybe it was later in the set, I don't recall. The first 
            few weeks after I bought Trust Us, I tended to skip it, 
            but not anymore. It kicks! My Corvette!)
Evernine (those who claim it's better when played live, are... er, 
          not wrong. It was great, again)
Feel (er, it feels so good to *hear* Feel again...)
Radiance Freq. (Schmock! Like that! What can I say?)
Other Other Fool (or Cherry Red Rose or whatever. It has a very 
                  easy-to-catch refrain, and I like it)
Un Chien d'Espace (After this one me and me friends were just like,
                   "Ohmygod!". It took off like, hm, a lead zeppelin,
                   as Keith Moon might have said. In the middle part
                   Snah started playing some spacy, 70ish and a 
                   little jazzlike piano, and after a while (as far
                   as I remember) Bent started slamming his bass
                   like mad, and soon they all started to play faster
                   and faster, and then faster, and then faster and 
                   faster and faster, and faster (Oh, really?), and 
                   how they found their way back to the last verse, I
                   don't understand. I hope someone writes a decent
                   report from this gig, coz I'm almost speechless. 
                   Now they went offstage for the first time, I think)
Superstooge (oh, I love it every time that bass riff starts. So did 
             all the people around me as well. One of my friends (who
             was at his first MP gig, I think) remarked that he 
             thought Bent was a better singer than Snah. Then it 
             turned out that all evening he'd thought Snah was Bent
             and vice versa. Hahaha. How about that! I've said it 
             before, Snah is getting better and better)
The Wheel (as at Veita, Superstooge turned into this old favourite of 
           mine, which I hadn't deared to hope for after they had 
           played the monstrous Un Chien d'Espace. Once again, it was 
           superb, and they played a short part that I didn't
           recognise from Veita, but my memory isn't too good, so...)
You Lied (started off real fast, which was fun, and then it turned 
          into Black To Come)
Black To Come (really cool cover tune, I think, it sort of seems like
               this is the new Young Man Blues. I hope so. Anyway, 
               they put Back To Source in there again, and it was 
               almost perfect. Then offstage again)
Vortex Surfer (unavoidably, and beautiful as ever. Did anyone notice 
               something peculiar after the second quiet part? A lot
               of people, including me, missed the second BANG, if 
               you know what I mean. Weird!) 

I hope I didn't forget any songs. Now. Did anyone record this gig? It 
really deserved it. And it certainly deserves a real report, so come on 
out there! It was all great, the band was having fun, the audience was 
enthusiastic, I was extatic, the sound was good, and the songs were from 
heaven. Say no more! Motorpsycho zijn de besten van den wereld, and 
that's official!


Dat is een erg mooie fiets.


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