Studentersamfundet, Trondheim 6. march 1998

Great gig tonight. They played in front of a sold out Studentersamfundet. Many lengthy songs were played and the audience seemed to love it. If they had played Rad Freq and Taifun instead for Hogwash and Young Man it would have been a perfect night. Give us the new shit guys! Not a single song from either Demon Box Or Timothy's Monster. Kjelli told me they're really tired of those songs. I wonder: aren't they tired of the damn Hog? But you can't always get what you want can you? Let the reports continue to come in. Nice to meet some g-35 people before the gig. Really cool to meet . Holm in Dipsomaniacs too. See you guys again tomorrow. Kjelli told me about this girl who have come all the way from Paris to see these two gigs here in Trondheim. Crazy or what?

Perfect opener. This song does something with your head.

Always played and always a good one. Changes a little bit from show to show. A very noisy end.

Poptune that is good, but I am sort of tired of it.

Young Man Blues
I don't like it.

Great song and here in a longer version than on the record.

Un Chien D'Espace
One of the highlights. This may be my favourite song ever.

Flick Of The Wrist
Alway cool.

Hey Jane
Great tune from the new album. This one should be released as a single.

Walking On The Water
Rockin' from AADAP.


A *lot* better live.

Cool, but I've heard it before. --- Vortex Surfer
Perfect finish

PS! Stickman will release Ozone on both CD and 10".

Nice matchboxes, but the t-shirts on this tour are ugly. The colors really suck!


I just came home from the consert at Samfundet, Trondheim. I would have given you my opinion of the consert, but I'm afraid my superlatives won't make justice to their performance.


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