Silo in Leuven, Belgium 28. may 97

I attended Motorpsycho's show at the Silo in Leuven, Belgium last night...ears a bit sore, and still trying to figure out what hit me.

The band took the stage around 10.15PM and went into two straightforward songs that suffered from a lousy mix, which caused the vocals to drown in senseless noise.
I wriggled myself down the front and found a spot right of the stage where the sound was remarkably better.

By the time they got to "Starmelt, Lovelight", the band was travelling at full throttle. Most of the songs, including "Un chien d'espace" and "Heartattack Mac" were played in ultra long versions, lasting up to 15 minutes per song.

Having just caught up on the band with the "Daemons & angels.." 3CD box and my expectations were pretty high. Though I'm not familiar with the older songs they never bored, even in the spaced-out instrumental jams the band proved to be talented musicians who dare to be inventive.
(Hell, I'm even willing to tolerate that xylophone!).

Going on for more than 80 minutes before leaving the stage for the first time, it was obvious the audience loved these guys! The band returned to rock with "You lied", which then led into the grooving "Sideway spiral", with the "spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral, spiral,..." thumping endlessly. As a closer they did a sublime "Working for MCA" (the Lynyrd Skynyrd song which is on the new 7", so it seems).

A 120 minute show which never became boring or tedious. I'm impressed.

Too bad they did no KISS tune though...

This is unfortunately just a brief personal impression of the show, and I can't give you a complete setlist. But seeing the band live really makes me want to check out their earlier stuff. Everyone who truly loves good music and has the chance to catch the band live should by all means do so.

Chris Dexters

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