MP soundcheck at a very!!! small venue somewhere in Norway spring '98

Audience - 1 person
Duration - approx. 45 min.

After about 30 min. of Status "Boogie Bastards" Quo covers, MP really got into the groove. Bent played his beautiful blue Rickenbacker 4001. The deep overdriven bass along with Gebhardts big groove sent chills down the spine. Swirling sounds emerged when Snah started dabblin' around with his Moog, looking like some Rick Wakeman with his first synth. Dr. Kloos carefully added the soft waves of his ARP to the sound. The Space Echo shrieked and suddenly the room exploded by sound of the mighty Taurus wich threatend to tear the walls down. And then all of a sudden the space-rock extravaganza was all over.
Imagine something like the Grateful Dead jammin' on some psyched out heavyosity along with Hawkwind under the guidance of Sun Ra. Totally out there!!!

by the way...
Detroit is the Rock City
& the spirit of the MC5 will never die!

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