Sweden gigs March 98

Hia guys!

Well, I actually stood next to this verve-guy during the concert, and he was really enjoying it!! I wasn't though, because I had the Fritz Corner gig in the back of my head and THAT was really sth. I don't even wanna describe it in words, it feels stupid to even try! Two of my friends, one who had never heard mp before, cried during the concert at Fritz - it was magic! The Linköping gig wasnt even near it, no way... I hate to admit it, but I was not even near satisfied after it...

Talked to Geb after the concert at Fritz and he seemed to be very pleased with the whole thing! They had played at "Café Opera" earlier that day (for the release party of Darling, a swedish magazine) and THAT was strange he said. Lots of gentlemen in ties just stood nodding their heads while they played their 3 songs... After that they had made some interviews and had a lot of energy for the night's gig, which everyone present could easily tell!! They played for almost 2 hours, but they could, as far as the audience was concerned, have played for 2 more... Also told Geb about the tribute thingee, and he said he had heard sth about it and asked a couple of questions... he seemed quite proud to have such fans :)

I'll not bore you with any playlist (I have the playlist from Fritz though, if anyone's interested for some weird reason) as that would never ever explain what the concert was like, you just have to trust me that it was the best MPgig in Sweden ever! All the people I talked to afterwards were stunned! Most of them had, of course like almost any other Swede, never heard them, but they loved, and I mean really LOVED, the show... They didn't have words to describe what they felt, was just walking around with a happy feeling, feeling quite stupid :) It was great, I was in heaven, my friends cried, the sound was terrific and... you've seen them, you know the drill...

Big Big Love

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