Veita, Trondheim, 1998-03-07

First of all I am suprised no one has mentioned the excellent gig at Veita a couple of days ago - it was extraordinary, I think it was better than the gig at Studentersamfundet! I'm wondering on which EP MP has released (if they have released) Blueberry Daydreams. Anyway, I think it was fantastic! Maybe somebody of you noticed me, I was the nearly-balled guy in the front, clinging to the rim of the scene. I have lack of words of this concert, I think it was absolutely phenomenal! Bent had caught a cold, we saw him cough slightly sometimes, thus the acoustic opening (Coventry Boy/Blueberry Daydreams/Waiting For The One), they wanted to have a "soft start". Nevertheless, it was a great concert which lasted for two hours, which included personal favourites as S.T.G., Heartattack Mac and Superstooge (well, somebody posted the setlist, I'm not going to repeat it). By they way, did anyone get what Bent sang during the noisy ending of Heartattack Mac? Anyway, a fantastic concert which once again ended in Vortex Surfer, such a beautiful song.

My thoughts on the name 577: I don't think it has anything to do with Satan or the different ages in the song (although that appears to be very likely), but is purely for estethic value. When MP appeared at Roxrevyen, they said they would go down to the local library in Halden when they were recording, and check out maps over India to see if they could find any cool names of villages etc. they could use. It sounds like a joke, but Bent said "de' e' fakta", so I think they were telling the truth. Therefore I think 577 is merely a name that looks cool. Perhaps I'm the only one with this view because I think it looks cool, but I would like to hear what you think.

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