Vera Groningen / Eindhoven may 97

Hi everybody,

Just got back from two great shows in two days: Motorpsycho in Vera Groningen (thursday) and Motorpsycho in de Effenaar, Eindhoven (friday). It was excellent. In most cases, I like bands that keep their songs short, but Motorpsycho is an exception. The longer, the better. Their ability to play these endless, hypnotic songs is really amazing. The title Vortex Surfer describes it very well: you just keep floating and floating on this huge waves of sounds that keep pouring over you.

My personal favourite was Flick of the Wrist in the Effenaar. Probably the longest song of all, over twenty minutes I guess. Which was great, this endless melody over and over again. Everytime when it seemed to be finished (and I was sad the song was over) they started again. The band was very satisfied about this song and the audience and the atmosphere, because after Flick of the Wrist, they became so enthousiastic and started to play so well, you could really see they were having a great time. And so were we.

I saw Rob gave the set-list for Eindhoven and I'm sure Jeroen will do that for Groningen. He lives in Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands, and thursday I met him in *real-life* for the first time, after exchanging e-mails for almost a year (we started e-mailing since MP played at Waterpop last year, where we both saw their show). Yesterday we went all the way from Groningen to Eindhoven together and we had a great time.

Tonight, MP plays in Deventer, I'll try to persuade someone who is probably going to see that show to write something about it. And I'm curious to hear from you what they will play in Eindhoven tomorrow.

Groeten van Bram

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