[cover tunes]

This is a list of songs Motorpsycho have played cover.
(Country-tunes played as International Tussler Society not included.)

21st Century Schizoïd Girl (King Crimson)
Played 1993-09-18.
Albaquerque (Neil Young)
On The Tussler vinyl
All is loneliness (Moondog)
Song has also been played by Janis.
Black To Comm (MC5)
European tour may/june 1998.
Black W'abbit (Alabama Kids)
On some occasions in Europe.
Black diamond (Kiss)
Live, Netherlands, 94.
Black magic woman (Fleetwood Mac)
Intro Trondheim, 1997-03-22. Only one verse or so.
California dreamin (Mamas and the Papas)
On Soothe. Has also been played live a lot.
Four day creep (Ida Cox)
Quart Festival, Kristiansand 96.
Friend Of The Devil (Grateful Dead)
Live, TMV, Trondheim 93, and about every Tussler-show.
Heaven & Hell (The Who)
On Manmower EP and also played live.
Hello there (Cheap Trick?)
Oslo, 1996-12-16.
Hot Burrito II (Gram Parsons)
Holland, 1998.
House at pooneil corners (Jefferson Airplane)
On Mountain EP. Played live at Roskilde and TMV 93.
I Believe (Ray Charles)
Live, 2000
If six was nine (Hendrix)
Bergen, 1996
In memory of Elizabeth Reed (The Allman Brothers Band)
Live, 1999.
Into the sun (Grand funk railroad)
Released as a split with Hedge Hog.
Manson's children (Jerry Garcia)
On a tribute.
Metropolis (Motörhead)
Live, fall 96.
Nature's way (R. California)
New day rising (Hüsker dü)
Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly)
Live, spring 99.
President block (Epinastic Movements)
On Psychobabble EP. Epinasitc M. have played Come On In live.
Raspberry Beret ("His highness the purple gnome Prince Mild")
Köln 1993 and a couple of times more. Lars on vocals.
Shakin' all over (Johnny Kidd)
Live, 1998->
Shock me (Kiss)
On Norwegian Kiss tribute. Dag Ingebrigtsen on vocals.
Sola Skinner (Jokke & Valentinerne)
Oslo, october 2000. Jokke, a famous rock hero, had died two days before.
Starless (King Crimson)
Trondheim 1996-09-31. Snah on keyboard?
Summertime blues (Eddie Cochran)
Trondheim, 1997-03-22
Summertime is here (Larry Lux Llydwlin)
Gebhardt's grand-uncle from Wales.
Syk (Knutsen & Ludvigsen)
Features Snah's mother on vocals.
The Witch (The Rattles)
Live, spring 99.
Tonight's the night (Neil Young)
Stockholm 2000, and apparently on the first ever Motorpsycho gig, at UFFA, Trondheim, in 1990.
Trist historie (Dum Dum boys/Wannskrækk)
Trondheim 19/12/96.
Up Our sleeves (Humble Pie)
Live in 97.
Watching you (Kiss)
On Another Ugly EP.
Working for MCA (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
On promotion CD and Sinful Windborne 7".
You Shouldn't Do That (Hawkwind)
Played 1993-09-18.
Young man blues (Mose Allisons)
Live throughout 96,97 and 98.

And probably millions more. Let's hear it.