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Finally- The words to every Motorpsycho song I can remember having released, except the first demo (which I'll get to when I find the damned thing!), and covers that we never probably found the right words to anyhow..... The system is like this: The lyrics are found on their original release:Have Fun is fx found under 3 Songs For Rut since there was no 8 Songs.....at the time,and there's a «various»-page for oddballs.

Some of these songs I couldn't remember didlysquat about,and had to figure out by listening to them on a walkman,but some -due to innumerable live performances or othervise-are still somewhere inside this head of mine. Going back in time like this is quite a weird experience-most of the time I can't really identify with the guy who wrote the words,and some times I can't even figure out what he was on about!! But for every lyric I still am able to tap into the emotion/feeling/vibe that made me write the song in the first place,so it's kinda like reading old diaries,I guess. Now that the words are available,you can all sing/read them,but you have to figure out what they mean yourselves - explaining them will only reduce the number of meanings they can have. Maybe the next thing this page needs is a «dicussion group»- A place where you can dicuss the true meaning of a song? That would at least be entertaining reading for me !

For those who want to play these songs of ours, I've included the (mostly correct) tunings we've employed these years.The two first albums were recorded without a tuner, so they are all approximate. If you really need to learn them, you'll figure them out yourselves. The last 3-4 years we've started to write more and more in open tunings. That way we feel we don't get stuck in old moulds and writing patterns,and constantly have to adapt to new ways of relating to this wonderful tool,the Guitar.

Non-standard fingerings and chords keep you on your toes ,so to speak,and makes it all a little more challenging........By the way-the bass is tuned in the standard intervals,but lower/higher along with the low E of the guitar in 99% of the cases (we bass players always take the easiest route!).Some of the recorded versions of the songs differ ever so slightly from their live counterparts in tuning etc. This is because,as in Nothing to Say's case,it's easier/more practical to sing/play in another (usually lower) key,with more open strings,etc...

For the detail freaks out there ,I've also tried to remember who played what on the different recordings.I don't know if anyone cares,but I personally like to know everything there is to know about my favourite records,and since you've made it this far,I presume you do too. I promise I'll try to keep this page updated as long as Motorpsycho keeps releasing stuff,but have patience-these fingers are better suited to musical tasks than computer keyboards!

Thanks for listening!
September 1997

Trust Us lyrics, April 1998

Hi,y'all Here are the words to the latest psycho-slice «Trust Us»
All the stuff you?d want is in here,and if not, that?s just too bad,now isn?t it? No, i?m not explaining what 577 means or any such : you figure it out, that?s half the fun. Anyway-the tunings are here,a who-did-what thingy for every song is here,and I hope you all enjoy singing along.......

April 1998

All Lyrics are owned by their copyright holders,published by Motorpsychodelic Tunes DA (Tono/NCB), and printed here by permission. To print/use parts of these outside their original context or for commercial use is prohibited. (or some such-all these legal expressions are sort of weird, but what it means, is: Don't be an asshole, we've spent 8 years on this, and we won't tolerate any bullshit. Respect is due where respect is due;remember that, and we'll all be happy! OK? ).

Fans interpretations

Attempts on songs BS haven't computerized yet. Very unofficial. A Matt Burt transcription