[record presentation: in the fishtank]

release on
October 6, 2003
fish 10
718752038423 / 718752038416

Stickman Mailorder:
9 Euros + postage

(1) bombay brassière (5:57)
(2) pills, powders and passion plays (7:05)
(3) doffen ah um (4:57)
(4) theme de yoyo (7:28)
(5) tristano (20:53)
running time (46:20)

For many years, Motorpsycho was on Konkurrent's list of wanted bands to do an In The Fishtank session. But since there was no direct relationship between band and distributor, nothing happened. Luckily this changed when Konkurrent started distributing Motorpsycho's renowned label Stickman two years ago and there was no more obstacle to invite them for a recording session. In the summer of 2002, crammed in between boring pressdays and exciting festivals in Holland and Belgium, Motorpsycho arrived in the studio to record. Along came the horn section of fellow Norwegians Jaga Jazzist, with whom they had done some experimental shows on jazz festivals. A soundcheck was hardly necessary, within a few days the musicians managed to magnetize five groovy tracks. The studio was already buzzing with hypermotivation, dedication and hard Scandinavian labour, when the Jaga's even rented a space to rehearse, a rather unique event in Fishtank history. What came out is a stunning cocktail of Stax Soul, John Coltrane and obviously, Pharaoh Sanders. Motorpsycho's recent funkiness blends in perfectly with the mesmerizing quality of most of the material and as always, you can rely on these guys to give an excellent performance.

Mathias Eick trumpet, marimba, percussion, vocals Håkon Gebhardt drums, percussion Lars Horntveth tenor sax, bass-clarinette, marimba, vibraphone, percussion, vocals Jørgen Munkeby flute, tenor sax, clarinette, marimba, percussion, vocals Hans Magnus Ryan guitars, bass Baard Slagsvold grand piano, clavinette, nord electro, vocals Bent Sæther bass, guitar, prepared piano, solina string ensemble, percussion, vocals

(1) Horntveth (2) Sæther (3) Munkeby/Sæther (4) Bass/Bowie/Favors/ Jarman/Moye (5) Ryan

Recorded in August 2002 at E-Sound in Weesp NL (info@e-sound-studio.com). Egineered by David Klocker. Produced and mixed by Zlaya Hadzic at Loud in Amsterdam NL, adviced by Pieter Kloos. Artwork by Isabelle Vigier.