[record reviews: aadap]

Motorpsycho: Angels & Daemons At Play

Review of AADAP taken from the
Swedish magazine
BENNO 1997.
English translation.

Norwegian three-piece who did an awesome appearance at last years Arvika-festival. Seems to have gone through some slightly changes here, from that guitar-based, "lo-fi" thing we received on their last album "Blizzard" to the more innovative and varied sound of "Angels & Daemons At Play".

The title itself is excellent, in fact it says something about what's going on here. Motorpsycho still have their influences on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. But with "Angels..." they take a small step away from that noisy, uncurled guitar-pop to some extent towards the sound of bands like Fugazi and Sonic Youth. This is not easy listening and the fact that the voice is kind of lame, that there's not much of a personality shown, doesn't make it easier. It sure takes some time before the melodies get to you, and even then some of the material feels a bit divided, like there's too many possible ways to go but nobody knows exactly which one to choose. But that could be a challenge, if you're willing to accept it.

Åse Bengtsson