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Motorpsycho: Angels And Daemons At Play

Review taken from the
Belgian e-zine
English. Found at the L'Entrepote-website.

Motorpsycho: Angels And Daemons At Play
2*LP (Stickman Records)

I think this is the 5th record for those Norway's band (counting also the ep "Another Ugly and mini cd "Mountain"). They have got their name from a Russ Meyers film and I recognise some 70th influences in their music. Motorpsycho stay not with one genre but take the best of the past and now from rock music and combine it. You find as well extreme good spacey tracks as poptracks or lo-fi songs on this album. Some of the Iron strong pop/rock songs are "Walking On The Water", "Like Always", "Starmelt / Lovelight". Those songs in combination with the more noisy tracks ("Timothy's Mother", "Heartattack Mac" and "Back To The Source") and the experimental / spacey songs as "Un Chien D'Espace" and "Have Spacesuit, Will Travel" made from this album an adventurous listen experience.
For me is this one of the best guitar albums of '97.