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Motorpsycho: Angels & Daemons At Play

Review taken from the
free Belgian would-be magazine
MINDVIEW, June 1997.
English translation done by Paul Caspers.

Angels and Daemons at Play
Stickman Records / Bang!
Rating: 85 out of 100

It's good to know that in these times, when junk like Rammstein prevents people to turn on their radio, some people make music. Like the Norwegians of Motorpsycho, whom I only knew by name before this record, and who didn't interest me at all.

Absolutely unjust, so it seems, even though the misleading spacey opening track "Sideway Spiral I" seemed to prove otherwise at first sight. The second song, "Walking on the Water", is a good piece of guitar rock, nothing more and nothing less, but "Heartattack Mac" easily supersedes the rest of the present-day guitar-platoon, with all its Lou Barlows, Dinosaur Jr.'s and other gODs. Another song that deserves your attention is "Like Always", a song la, - alright if you insist -, Sebadoh, but of course much better. Apart from that, Motorpsycho is one of very few rock bands that succeeds into presenting long-over-10-minutes-songs (Un Chien d'Espace), without boring the listener.

As you see, "AADAP" is a record that will entertain any guitar-lover with some good taste in music, and for me is a good excuse to give their earlier work another go.

Steven Lauwerijns

Translation courtesy of Paul Caspers, who does not subscribe to the author's point of view.