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Motorpsycho: Angels & Daemons At Play

Review taken from the
Dutch magazine
OOR #6 / 1997.
English translation by Paul Caspers.

Few bands work as hard as MP. The diligent workers from the Norwegian Trondheim are touring the shit out of themselves and constantly release new material. This enormous output does not have an averse effect to the quality of the offerings. AADAP shows that yet again. Even though this sixth album does not exceed the magic melting-pot from '93, Demon Box.

AADAP has extravert and intense indierock. But it also contains some subdued material, for example the staccato-piece Stalemate, for MP still likes a broad variety of sounds. The five [sic] norwegians don't mind putting atmosphere-raising little sounds in their music either. The best example of this is the superb Sideway Spiral I, which sounds like Lou Barlow in a surreal mood. Sebadoh, Slint and Sonic Youth, so it sounds, still have a prominent place in leader / body & soul-singer Bent Saether's CD collection.

The real fans can have a lot of fun with AADAP, but they shouldn't buy this CD. Because in May, before the start of the following MP tour, AADAP will be released as a part of a limited 3CD-box of the same name with, among others things, previously unreleased material. Speaking of diligent workers and an enormous output.

René Megens

Annotations of the translator:
Translation courtesy by Paul Caspers who didn't mind to translate another silly Dutch word pun from this review dude.