[record reviews: barracuda mini-lp]

Liberatingly moody

Review of Barracuda taken from the
Norwegian newspaper
English translation done by Rolf Klausen.

This 33 minutes long minialbum consists of songs which apparently are leftovers from the LTEC recording sessions.


Leftovers in the sense that they didn't fit in on last years melody-based album. Because this time Motorpsycho goes back to rock again, undoubtingly great for a big part of the fans. But still this isn't Motorpsycho as they used to be. The epic tendencies are as good as gone, and we're left with a more or less clean rock'n'roll record, definetly in debt to bands as the Who, Rolling Stones & MC5 (Rattlesnake is even a trashy brother of Kula Shakers "S.O.S"). Cleary inspired by the 70s, dirty rock, more straight forward than Motorpsycho has ever been. The fat and remarkably well fitting horn-arrangments (sown together by Baard Slagsvold) create the link to the colorful palette of "LTEC". Retro-rock clichés performed with "a spark in the eye" 1) and a playful approach are clues for this release, and we have never heard Motorpsycho more liberatingly moody. "Barracuda" is possibly a sign saying that Motorpsycho doesn't need to prove their seriousity in everything they do anymore? Refreshing is only the first-name of this powermusic.

translator's remarks:
1) eh, what's "glimt i øyet" in english?