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Motorpsycho – Barracuda

Review of Barracuda taken from the
German e-zine
English. Found at the daredevil site.

Motorpsycho – Baracuda
Stickman Records
Rating: 1 of ? [while 1 is their top score – in contrary to other magazines]

Motorpsycho: the band from Norway with more than 1,000 faces. They've done everything in music that you can think of, and probably even more. In 1999 they recorded their latest full length studio album "Let Them Eat Cake". It was really slow, kinda pop oriented. But in between they found the time to record some rocking stuff and now they think the time is ripe for releasing it. As some of you might know, when Motorpsycho really gets rocking, they can blow every other stoner act to pieces, history books, afterlife, whatever. They proved it with their 1998 double album "Trust Us", they do it again with "Barracuda". 7 songs, 33 minutes of catchy, grooving rock music. With "Up 'gainst the wall (high time)" they wrote one of the best thinkable sing-along rock tunes. During "Star, Star, Star" you can close your eyes and imagine a secret rendez vous between The Rolling Stones and... Motorpsycho. And to make it complete the soul of The Beatles roams through "Dr. Hoffman's Bicycle". It's almost a miracle that this band can keep such a high quality throughout the whole record with an apparent nonchalance you normally just see on the hidden faces of overrated politicians. This will definitely be one of my favourites of 2001. 'Cuda Power!!!