[record reviews: barracuda mini-lp]

Motorpsycho - Barracuda
And tonight Mathew, we're gonna be Mick Jagger's arse.

Review of Barracuda taken from the
British edition of the me[t]'ol magazine
KERRANG!, February 2001.
English. Transcribed by Mid! Thanks!.

Rating: KKK (out of 5)

Muscle-car-obsessed Norwegian rockers Motorpsycho can most certainly cut the musical mustard when they're blazing about like woolly crack-house mammoths at a lumbering contest. They pull all the prerequisite stoner strings and overstate every last nuance of their throbbing great stylistic cock at every available opportunity. But when they endeavour for any degree of syncopated subtlety their limitations leap to the fore.

Despite occasionally boasting all the vocal prowess of a tone-deaf ruptured elk, Motorpsycho, who seem avowedly intent on taking the Rolling Stones' 'Goats head soup' and shouting it into submission before our very ears, do have their charms. Charms which once belonged to the Who, admittedly, but charms all the same.

Ian Fortnam